Sunday, 20 October 2013


6) Change Application Method
Bobbi Brown compact cream foundation works better with Real Techniques Expert brush rather then sponges (which it came with) and it also wasted less product.
I have also seen people depot Urban Decay's Primer Potion form the genie style bottle to a small jar.

7) Stock Take
Clear out your dresser, drawers and make up box- discover products that you didn't know you had. Experiment and get out of a rut, get 100% use of the make up you already own.

8) Browse Discount Stores
Poundland and T K Maxx sell drugstore and high end make up, tend to be discontinued products but not always. I have found Stila and Calvin Klein products in TK Maxx and Rimmel in Poundland.

9) Research Before You Buy
Read reviews of products on, Youtube and Blogs.

10) Research Dupes
Temptalia has a master search engine for dupes Look for dupe videos on Youtube. Currently MUA (Make Up Academy) has an Urban Decays' Naked 1 palette dupe called undressed with all the colours in the same order for just £4

11) Don't Buy On Impulse
Write the item down. Then wait and review after a week to see if you really need it.

12) Timing- Seasons
Keep a look out at Christmas time and also Black Friday. This is when all the gift sets come out. These tend to offer more for your money and sometimes include limited edition shades. Look out for make up counters that are offering free gifts with purchase

13) Timing- New Promotions and BOGOF
Often new products are sold at a cheaper price on promotion and later sold at the Recommended Retail Price. (You could also look up early reviews on products as if they're American brands they are released earlier in the USA than the UK e.g. Maybelline)
Buy One Get One Free- Buy when there are offers. Boots and Superdrug sometimes have buy one get one free across different brands.

14) Use Vouchers / Freebies In Magazines
Look out for vouchers in magazines or codes online for free shipping or for money off.
Keep an eye out for make up and skin care freebies in magazines. Martins money tips available on gives a heads up.    

15) Buy Little and Often....
To ensure make up gets used up and doesn't grow bacteria.
Focus on re-purchasing 'wet' items such as mascara, liquid/gel eye shadows, cream and liquid foundations since these are more likely to grow bacteria and need to be replaced regularly for hygienic reasons to cut down on eye infections and spots on your face.

Or use Beauty So Clean which is a spray that disinfects make up. Although I haven't used it so I'm not sure if it can aggravate sensitive skins but the make up artist Wayne Goss has recommended it. It is available at love-makeup (for website see no.1 above) the spray is £8.99 and for wipes £9.50.

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