Sunday, 27 October 2013

Make Up Expiry dates When should you throw out make up?

We check expiry dates on food and bin items are stale, growing mouldy or smell bad. However we are less aware about the bacteria we may be putting on our face.

Despite the name of a certain make up brand- Make up doesn't last forever. Products do deteriorate over time and gather bacteria. This is because once the product is opened it's no longer sterile. Preservatives can break down over time which leads to separation and alterations in texture In the EU products contain a Period After Opening date (PAO) Symbol. This shows an open jar followed by the number of months, and guide us on how long it should be kept after opening.

While some may think the fuss about make up expiry dates are just another way of make up companies to get us to buy more, In fact old products can cause conjunctivitis, styes, rashes- hardly beautiful right? If you do get an eye infection or cold sores stop using all eye/lip products for that period and throw them out.

When do you throw products out? Obviously when smells rancid, if there is any discolouration or separation and if the product is runny or lumpy. As a general guide see the table below.

3 months
Liquid/gel eyeliners
4-6 months
Cream  Eye shadows /Cream Blush
6-12 months
        Oil-free /liquid
6-12 months
18 months *
Lipstick/ Lip gloss
18 months 2 years*
Lip Pencils / Eye pencils
1-2 years *
Eyeshadows /Powder /powder blush
2-3 years
Nail Polish
2  years

* For Lip gloss and concealers with doe end stick/brush attached, either regularly replace or use a brush you will wash after each application instead

*Eye and lip pencils that can be sharpened will harbour less germs than twist up (however for twist up ones I tend to break the end off every few weeks.) Beware of the lids that have a pencil sharpener , make sure than the sharpener lid doesn't become gunked up with produ

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