Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Top 10 Worst Beauty Products Names Part 1

This post was inspired by Jane Cunningham at British Beauty Blogger on Badly Named Beauty products which you can find here. These are my Top 10 worst product names that I've come across- enjoy!

1) Illamasqua Bacterium Nail Polish
     Just what you want to paint on your nails- bacterium- sounds enchanting! To me this just brings to      mind all those toenail infections, athletes foot, fungus very unattractive.

2) Simone Chickenbone Chicken Poop lip Junk  'crafted from ingredients you want to put on       your skin.'
     Firstly this product does not contain any chicken poop, poo, droppings whatever you want to call it. None.At.All. So why call it Chicken Poop Lip Junk? Apparently the name was inspired by founder/creator Jamie Labor's grandpa, whenever she complained of dry lips he'd tell her 'Put some chicken poop on your lips so you won't lick 'em!' So i'm glad we've cleared that up then. 
Despite the fact that it wasn't easy to sell something called Chicken Poop the name remained.Her perseverance has paid off as now over 700 stores across USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. It's also not tested on animals and the only animal ingredient is beeswax.

3) Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips
    I guess this brand didn't want to forget it's roots as a humble balm used to soothe nipples of breast feeding women. From the name it also sounds ideal for runners complaining of nipple chaffing. But with a name like Dr Lipp surely that's all you need? The name is slightly confusing and would probably appeal to a wider audience and to more men if the word nipple was dropped?

4) I hate Perfumes 2nd Cummings
Where do I start with this? CB I hate Perfumes is a niche brand by Christopher Brosius, whose vision is to redefine perfume as 'an individual portrait of who we are' instead of a generic, unimaginative scent worn by the masses. This is an anti celebrity perfume collaboration with a celebrity, the actor Alan Cummings (get that?)This 'anti celebrity project casts a new perspective on the classical men's fragrances dedicated to 'sex, scotch, cigars and Scotland.' The original fragrance Cumming proved popular so the next had to be called 2nd Cummings- gotta love a pun. 2nd cummings could refer to the return on Jesus or insalubrious sex acts.

5) Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Watery Waste
    Talk about running down your product, this is almost like an own goal from Maybelline. This name does not sound good. It makes you think the nail polish will be too runny and that the colour is nothing special and suggests it in fact be a waste of money.

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