Saturday, 31 January 2015

4 Cool Slogans Work Out Tops

If you're struggling with your new year resolutions to get fit and healthy (with cold wintry days the sofa and TV seem much more attractive), these t-shirts may just inspire you to get moving!  I found these when I was looking for a Benedict Cumberbatch t-shirt, but if he's not your cup of tea there similar tops featuring Ryan Gosling here,  Tatum Channing here and Bradley Cooper here. These cool slogan workout tops add a bit of fun and motivation when you're exercising.

1. Run Like Benedict Cumberbatch is Waiting at The Finish Line Amazon £10.50
2 She believed She Could So She Did vest The Fitness Tee Co, Esty, £10.85
3..Train Like You've been picked for The Hunger Games Cafe Press  £18.Similar Amazon for £10.99
4. Meeting My Girls At The Barre Tonight  Amazon £21.03

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