Tuesday, 28 April 2015

15 Gorgeous Compact mirrors

A compact mirror is an essential handbag must have, either for checking that there's no spinach stuck in your teeth or to check that if you need to reapply your lipstick.
Compact mirrors can be so beautiful they could be a work of art themselves. Even vintage ones on Etsy aren't very expensive and won't break the bank! However tempted I am, I've got to resist becoming a collector, otherwise I'll end up on those hoarder programmes with collections so enormous you can't move around the house! Hard core collectors may want to check out the British Compact Society here.
Ranging in price from £1.99 to £35 there's a compact for every price range. The black and silver compact on the last row is designed by Vera Wang for the Wedgewood collection and the Kiss and Tell compact is from Kate Spade. I chose the black flower compact in the top row as it reminded me of Anna Sui and is a bargain at £1.99 on Amazon! The two silver compacts in the third row are vintage designs by Jane Vanroe. They can be bought on Amazon.co.uk via the Vanroe website here. Finally the compacts from Monsoon (Top row left and right, bottom row right corner) are just stunning! My favourites are the silver Art Deco butterfly Vanroe compact (third row) and the gold, silver and white Monsoon compact (top row) Which is your favourite?

Compact mirrors


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