Wednesday, 19 August 2015

July Favourites- Make Up, Reads and Radio

This post is a little late up but here it is my July Favourites.   
My Sleek face contour palette (in light) has been getting a lot of love this month. While everyone raves about the contour/bronzer shade I love this palette for the highlight shade, it looks really natural but still makes an impact and compliments tanned olive skin tones. I've also been using my Urban Decay Naked palette (original) the perfect neutral metallic palette.When I saw Claire's Forest Fruits Dotty Nail Polish I fell in love with the colour- it's the perfect polish for spring and summer.  It has pale pink and white hexagonal sequins and smaller black, pink and white glitter particles. It's one of those large sequin glitter top coats that looks better with another nail colour underneath (In the photo I'm wearing it with Ciate's Strawberry milkshake nail polish.) One coat gives a light smattering of sequins while two coast produces more dense coverage. I recommend two layers of  a clear topcoat afterwards to seal the large sequins in. It's currently on sale at Claire's for £2- bargain! 

I've also been reading about the sunburn tattoo trend in the Evening Standard,  please don't try this at home (or abroad.) While the images may look cool, every sunburn causes DNA damage to the skin and increases the risk of skin cancer (not to mention painful too!) The Skin Cancer Foundation have found that "5 or more sunburns in youth increases the lifetime melanoma risk by 80%."

Top- Austin_Lordy Instagram  Bottom BBC

I've also been listening to It's A Fair Cop on BBC radio 4. Ex-policeman turned comedian Alfie Moore gives the audience a real life case scenario that he has dealt with and asks the audience what they would do and why. It gives a real sense of the everyday decisions a police man or women has to make while also learning a bit more about the law. At the beginning of the show he asks the audience for funny stories related to the topic, makes them swear an 'oath' to become 'police officers' for the hour and finally awards a member of the audience as the 'fairest cop.' There's been a lot of Police shows lately with The Met on BBC and 24 Hours in Police Custody on Channel 4, but this is a more light-hearted entertainment. It even sold out when it toured at the Edinburgh Festival . Although the series has finished the episodes are still available on the BBC iplayer here.

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