Thursday, 24 December 2015

My Top 5 Favourite Christmas Films

These are my most loved Christmas films I love watching Christmas with my hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies. Let me know which are your favourites below.

It's A Wonderful Life
A Christmas classic, the film is directed by Frank Capra in 1946 so it's in black and white but don't let that put you off! The film begins with Guardian Angel Clarence being summoned to help George Bailey who is close to suicide. All his life George Bailey has wanted to escape his small town to realise his dream of building big buildings and travelling the world. Unfortunately he's had to put his dreams aside for various reasons and a money crisis at his company Building and Loan tips him over the edge as he realises he's worth more dead than alive and wishes he'd never been born. Before he can throw himself off the bridge he spots a man drowning and goes in to save him. This man is Clarence who shows George what life in the small town would be like if he'd never been born. The town is worse off without George's kindness and generosity which previously had changed people's lives. This is a little like Dicken's Scrooge with mean Potter having a negative effect on the town while George learns his value as part of a small community. It's ultimately a feel good film.
Available on dvd here £5.90 or watch on Christmas Eve on Channel 4 AT 2.15pm

Arthur Christmas
Animation with comedy thrown in that adults and children will enjoy. The film follows the Santa family's meticulous operation to deliver presents to all the children across the world before Christmas Day. Central to the operation is the S-1, which is rather like the Star Trek Enterprise spaceship that houses a toy making factory and distribution warehouse. However despite all this technology a child got missed out and it's up to Santa's son Arthur to save the day.
Available on dvd here £3

A Christmas Kiss
Wendy leaves theatre set designing to work for Priscilla in her interior design business. While running errands for her demanding boss, Wendy bumps into a handsome stranger in a lift which leads to a spontaneous kiss. However Wendy’s dreams of impressing her boss get complicated when she realises that the mysterious man she kissed is Priscilla’s boyfriend, Adam. While decorating and preparing his home for an Christmas charity fundraiser Adam and Wendy’s friendship grows. Priscilla is forced to take drastic measures to make sure her engagement goes forward as planned. Will Wendy and Adam connect before it’s too late?
Available on Dvd £7.20 here Watch on  Demand 5 until 12pm Christmas Eve.

The Holiday
This film follows two women at Christmas frustrated with their loves lives, impulsively booking a holiday on a home exchange website. Iris (Kate Winslet) moves into Amanda's L.A. house in sunny California as Amanda (Cameron Diaz) arrives in the snow-covered English countryside. After arriving at their destinations, both women find the last thing either wants or expects: a new romance. Amanda is charmed by Iris's handsome brother Graham (Jude Law) while Iris mends her heart when she meets film composer Miles (Jack Black.) 
Available on dvd £3 here

Bridget Jones Diary
From catching Mark Darcy's eye across the New Year turkey buffet to kissing on the snowy London street at Christmas (sans trousers/skirt as you do), Rene Zellweger plays Bridget Jones and all her lovable flaws to perfection. Not to mention you have a choice to drool over Colin Firth or Hugh Grant. I can't wait for the next Bridget Jones film which will be released soon!
Available £2.48  here

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