Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Years Makeup: Sugarplum Fairy Tutorial

A Christmas Kiss is one of my favourite films. Wendy Walton (Laura Beckenridge), formally a stage designer leaves the theatre and ballet behind her to work for a famous interior decorator. Her new boss is so demanding her flatmates complain that they never see her anymore. They finally persuade her to go on a night out with them. Her flatmate Tressa, also a makeup artist decides to do Wendy's makeup completely differently to encourage her to be freer and live a little if she is out of her makeup comfort zone and 'incognito.' She makes her up as the Sugar Plum Fairy from The Nutcracker using plenty of 'Be Wild' glitter. And it works, she ends up kissing a mysterious stranger in lift. Unfortunately when she next sees him wearing glasses and without all the glitter he fails to recognise her.
Anyway I thought that this all out glitter look would suit New Year parties too. While Sugar Plum fairy makeup is usually associated with purple shades for some reason the makeup artst in the film uses a light baby blue as well as silver.  
Here are the products I used. First off I did my eyes so that any fallout will be covered by foundation.
1. Apply Collection Glam Crystal eye liner in Glitz on the whole lid and a bit in the crease.
I didn't prime my eyelids as Collection's glitter eyeliner has great staying power, if you have oily lids or don't want to take a chance use a smooth eye primer cream or Elf glitter glue.
2. Apply Collection Glam Crystal eye liner in POW! above the crease.
3. Because the colour is more of a baby blue in the film I used a small flat eye shadow brush like Primark's double ended eye shadow and concealer brush or Sigma's F70 concealer brush to dab Natural Collection eye shadow in Mermaid to lighten the blue colour from turquoise to baby blue.
4. Apply a little Collection Glam Crystal eyeliner in Glitz and silver glitter eye shadow above the blue all the way to  the eye brow. (I used the silver 'Revolt' from Urban Decays Anarchy Palette which was limited edition but Barry M Fine Glitter Dust in Silver would do nicely as well.)
Optional-  You can neaten the brow with gel if you have thin brows. Mine are thick so I left them alone as they need to be thin and light for the look.
5. With a Flat Definer brush such as MAC's 212 or a slanted eye liner brush push black eye shadow onto the lash line. This gives a subtle definition to the eyes without an obvious eyeliner line.
I used the black shadow in The darkest Body Shop Brow kit- but any matte black shadow will do.
6. Curl Lashes and apply black mascara and false eyelashes if you wish.
I used Bourjois 1 Second Volume Mascara in Waterproof and Primark lash curlers.
Face and Lips
1.Apply foundation and concealer
 I used Sleek foundation and the tester palette for concealer.
2. Apply a browny peach blush such as MUA blusher in Shade 5 (now called Lollyfrom ear to cheekbone using a slanted contour brush.
3  Apply Collection Glam crystals at the top of your cheek bones under your eye for highlighter. Not subtle but it's the look for the film
Any colour that's pinky red a my lips but better look will do as well. Apply with a lip brush for a neat, precise finish.
Finish with a silver or pearl hair decoration curl hair if you wish.


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