Friday, 20 December 2013

Disappointing Beauty Products #3: Blusher Edition

MUA cream blush in Dolly Priced £2 (3.2g) from Superdrug
I bought this blusher for the summertime to give a healthy peachy glow to my cheeks.
The packaging is basic but the price reflects this. It's a lovely colour and has a good creamy consistency and is easy to apply with fingers.Unfortunately I have my suspicions that I'm allergic to an ingredient in this (either the Ozokerite  or Paraffinum Liquidum/mineral oil in this) as it stung and tingled unpleasantly when applied. This also occurred in another cream blusher from another drugstore brand and so I've finally narrowed down the culprit.  I can't comment on how this lasts through the day as I couldn't wear it for that long. Generally I love MUA and appreciate the fact they print their ingredients on the packaging-so many companies don't do this which is so annoying. However if you are looking for a cheap cream blush and aren't allergic to these ingredients give this a go.

Benefit Posey Tint (trial size reviewed here 4ml. Normally £24.50 for 12.5ml)
This was a freebie from a magazine (Glamour) and I was eager to try this out.
The trial size bottle looks so cute and has a brush attached to the lid like a nail polish. I found it easier to apply than the body shop lip and cheek stain. It doesn't really taste of anything (which is my book is good I'd rather have no taste than a bad taste) and it smells a little sweet and a little chemically but it's very subtle.Unfortunately this was the wrong colour for my olive skin tone, this would suit blondes with light-medium skin tones. I'm probably suited to the original Benetint, however the mango one sounds interesting. I would recommend you try before you buy and if you are olive skin toned I would give this a miss.

The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain in Rose Pink priced £10 (8ml)
I got this free with a another magazine but I wasn't very impressed with it. Despite a cult following I felt that it applied blotchy on cheeks and on the lips it applied and dried very unevenly and blotchy. Perhaps this was due to the new doe foot packaging (though this should give you more control) instead of the old rollerball which others claimed was better.I may have had a slight allergic reaction to it as well since made my lips sting and tingle which I did not enjoy at all. This 'effect' wasn't stated as part of the product, i.e. the deliberate lip swelling tingle which is designed to plump up lips.It's a shame as the taste and flavour of this was nice and I really liked the result it gave my lips, a  'just eaten cherries' colour. This  definitely shows up as a stain but appears very natural and not overdone. However I feel that there are better products out there.

All in all I prefer cream and powder blush to liquid blush which I find easier to apply but perhaps this is due to lack of practice. I think cream blushers look the most natural and I'm still not sure about cheek and lip tints. I've recently bought ELF angled blusher brush which I read is good for applying liquid blushers. I may give Benetint or Daniel Sandlers' Watercolour blush a go, both of which are very popular.

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