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The Best Halloween Makeup and Costume Tutorials



Group Makeup and Costumes

Courtesy of ET Online

Make like a badass and dress up like the girls in Taylor Swift's Bad Blood music video. This post from The Gloss has helpfully put all the Youtube Bad Blood make up Tutorials in one place : 17 Bad Blood Tutorials To Make Your Group Costume Slay. If that's not your thing then Lauren Conrad's Party Animals post has some easy D.I.Y animal headbands you can make yourself.

Be inspired by the girls from Pretty Little Liars who wore Disney princess dresses for their prom.  Bustle gives you 12 tutorials to choose from. If you'd rather not go the princess route here are  7 Easy Disney Halloween makeup ideas of other characters you could take your inspiration from. There's also an amazing and I mean a-mazing D.I.Y mermaid costume tutorial (The Little Mermaid) by Lauren Conrad here. Georgina from She might be loved shows how to dress up as Ursula.

Going as the Ice Queen from Narnia or Hans Christian Anderson's Snow Queen is another idea and there's an incredible tutorial by Georgina on She might be Loved who used makeup glitter and eyelash glue to make the frozen ice eyelashes.

 Stitched mouth, Skull, Doll, Vampire & Double Eyes

Onto the gory looks, I've seen the stitched up look around Shannon from Shaaanxo shows that it's easier than you think.

Zoe Newlove  has a picture tutorial of drawing half a skull on her face, but ringing the changes is Sophie Jenner with her Skulls Galaxy tutorial below.

Channel Pretty Little Liars with this easier than it looks broken doll tutorial from Dulce Candy.

Katerina of Katerina's Beauty Blog shows you how to do a sexy, simple Vampire face.

Another great tutorial from Shannon from Shaanxo she shows you how to do this creepily effective double eyed look.

More Halloween Makeup Tutorials & Costume Ideas

A beautiful Mess has some more unusual ideas in their 20 Halloween Costume Ideas such as a bubble gum sweet machine, cup cakes, disco ball and a Pineapple.If you don't want to do the sexy Halloween costumes and you don't want to do scary and gory then take inspiration from 18 Feminist Costumes To Spread some Girl Power This Halloween from Beyoncé to Pussy Riot.

The pop art makeup looks seem to be doing the rounds on Youtube and if you're too impatient to fill your whole face with dots then Chelsea Yates from Through Chelsea's Eyes shows you an easy quick alternative.
 If you want to do something a bit different then check out 9 Insanely Stunning Halloween Makeup Ideas Courtesy of Tumblr. These aren't tutorials as such but rather inspiration but they are so beautiful to look at. I think I will try and have a go at the sequin eye or the Twisted Ballerina look below.



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