Friday, 8 November 2013



1) Elizabeth Arden is actually Florence Nightingale Graham, who dropped out of nursing school before making her own line of beauty products. In similar fashion, Helena Rubenstein dropped out of medical school then started her beauty brand.

2) Dark reddish brown lipsticks are often named after dark emotions, urban places or intense forms of music. Purple lipsticks are often named after mystery, distance and things that are difficult to see/understand e.g. Chanel 'Phantom.' While dark purple often involves a name that is sexually mysterious e.g. Vamp or Siren.

3) The Queen (Elizabeth II) had a special lipstick made for her coronation in 1952, it was red-blue and called 'The Balmoral' after her Scottish home.

4) Coco Chanel believed the number 5, was lucky. After launching the famous Chanel fragrance no 5 on the 5th of the 5th month (May) in 1921, she launched her No.5 lipstick in 1929. This time she wasn't so lucky, the stock market crashed. However good fortune won out in the end as it has been one of the highest selling lipstick for nearly 70 years.

5) Make Up Brands feel that even the sound of the click when closing a lipstick is extremely important. In 1995 Harper's Bazzar article documented the search for the perfect click. Guelain tested 10-20 lipsticks and decided on a soft metallic sound. Givenchy's Oliver Echaudemaison describe the brand's click as 'a heavy click more metallic than plastic.' Guerlain's creative director Anton-Phillip Hunger explains 'We didn't want our lipstick to click so loudly that it would draw attention to a woman who's retouching in pubic.'

6) Urban Decay made a lipstick called 'The Wedding Singer' for Drew Barrymore to wear in the film of the same name. American brand Lorac made 'Long Kiss' lipstick for Geena Davis in the film 'The Long Kiss Goodnight.'

7) During a meeting at Benefit Cosmetics, the agenda was naming a lipstick, someone jokingly came up with 'Ms Under Stud.' They left the room and the consensus was to change the name to 'Misunderstood' in case it was deemed offensive. However this absent staff member wasn't clued in, resulting in a shipment to a Chicago store of 'Ms Under Stud.' The lipstick was a best seller and the buyer reordered 5,000 more. When Benefit informed them of the proper name the buyer no longer wanted to place the order.

Source :Lipstick a Celebration of a girl's best friend by Jessica Pallingston

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