Monday, 25 November 2013


 I have Urban Decay's Naked palette, but I decided not to buy Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette because the colours looked cooler (I prefer warm toned palettes) and I don't really gravitate towards taupe colours. This is an inexpensive Naked 2 palette dupe to experiment with. As don't have Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette I can't compare the two palettes side by side.

I can compare Urban Decay's Tease from the Naked 2 palette to MUA Lavish, both are cool brown-taupe- perfect for a cheek contour powder as the colour mimics a shadow. They look exactly the same in the pan but UD Tease does look a bit browner and warmer. UD Tease has more pigment which produces a stronger swatch and ultimately lasts longer on the skin. For this reason I use UD Tease for my face contour.

Top row (l-r) Naked, Devotion,Shy, Fiery, Lavish, Dreamy
 Bottom row; (l-r) Tranquil, Exposed, Reveal,Wink, Obsessed, Corrupt
Unfortunately the first shadow Naked does not show up on my olive skin, you can see a faint barely there swatch.There are three matte shades Naked (Cream colour), Lavish (Taupe) and Corrupt (Black.) Naked and Lavish apply a little chalky. Corrupt is very pigmented black.The colours Shy (satin white) Dreamy (mid toned copper like a dark 2p coin)  Obsessed (chocolate) appear matte here but they're actually satin finishes. The satin shades apply more smoothly. My favourite is the silver taupe Exposed since I don't have this colour in my collection.Compared to Urban decay shadows these don't last as long but this is easily solved through using eye primer. Some many want more matte shades or more greys but as this is a dupe of UD's Naked 2 palette that factor determined the shade finishes and colours in the palette. All in all a good neutral colour selection for both smokey and natural looks.
Longevity: Not as long lasting, may need eye primer.
Packaging:  Basic looking. This one is white so shows any fallout/mess more easily than MUA's previous black packaged palettes. Contains a mini tutorial for one look on the reverse side.
Price: 12 shadows (9.6g)  for £4 available at superdrug (currently on 3 for 2 offer online) and MUA

Verdict- At this price this is a steal: high quality shadows for a bargain £4. A wonderful neutral palette that is versatile for creating smokey and natural looks. I love neutral eye shadows and feel that even if you generally use warm toned palettes these aren't so cool that they won't suit or work with warmer skin tones.

You might like this if...
  • You love cool toned neutrals
  • You are on a budget
  • If you want a travel friendly naked 2 palette
You might not like this if..
  • You only like warm toned colours
  • You are expecting more greys
  • If you are used to luxury brands and have very high expectations of matte eye shadows
  • You want to use an eye shadow shade (i.e. Lavish) as a face contour colour 
  • You are olive skinned or darker.

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