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Romantic Beauty Blogger Tag

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I thought that this tag would be perfect for Valentine's Day. This Romantic Beauty Blogger Tag was created by  Tianna from  storybook Apothecary. Although I came across it on Breige Mcbride's blog Beauty And The Best Of The Rest

1) What is your favourite romantic film and why?
The Lake House- It' s a time travel romance.
In 2006 Kate leaves her lakeside home to move to Chicago.
She leaves a letter for the next owner asking them to forward any mail. The note is found by Alex in 2004. Confused at first they grow to love each other via letters they send to each other. They try to meet up several times but each time they are prevented from meeting up and overcoming time and life and death. Will they ever meet each other? I love this film as it's an unusual story full of near misses, lost opportunity and fate. They get to know each other through letters which is incredibly more romantic than an email or text!

2) Which character from a film or book is your ideal romantic character and why?

A Room With a View-  George, because however idealistic loves makes him it also makes him fight for the girl he likes. He has a good heart and is the opposite of what her stuffy and controlled fiance is. I can't stand fastidiousness in men and George isn't that.

3) Your ideal love life in a song -go!

Santana's Love Of My Life-

'Where you are that's where I wanna be
And through your eyes, see all the things I want to see
And in the night you are my dream
You're everything to me
You are the love of my life
And the breath in my prayers
Take my hand lead me there
What I need is you there.'

also Elton John's Your Song, yes I know it's cheesy but I love the lyrics

'I hope you don't mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is when you're in the world.'

4) A Song that makes you cry
    Adele- Someone Like You. Her voice is so beautiful and the lyrics are about heartbreak, loss and regret but also a little hope.

5)Film that's guaranteed to make you cry every time
Pearl Habour as well as period drama The Forsyte Saga. The Forsyte Saga based on John Galworthy's novels of three generations of the Forsyte family with family rifts, alliances  and complicated love triangles.

6) What are your favourite colours for romantic make up looks?
Pink eye shadow smoked out with a dark brown crease and eyeliner with pink lipstick and light pink blush.

7) Favourite hair style for a soft romantic look?
I love hair jewellery the ones that look hippie/princess like. I really love this updo from YouTube Kaley Melissa
                                                        serena white party updo

8) Which female heroines do you most identify with from a book or movie?
  • Elizabeth Bennet. (Pride and Prejudice) She is intelligent and witty. Also despite the fact that her family doesn't have a male air and that her mother wishes to marry all her daughters as quickly as possible, Elizabeth refuses to settle or be with someone she cannot respect. She sticks to her guns and this ultimately leads her to true happiness. She is kind but assertive and can't be easily intimidated.
  • Bridget Jones. It's OK not to be 100% perfect
  • I wish I had the comeback lines of Beatrice (Much ado about Nothing.)

9) Ideal romance life exists in which period?
     Jane Austen Regency period.

10) What are you wearing in this hypothetical romance?
     A dress of course! In regency costume, pretty but easy to dance in. Or a 1940's/1950's figure hugging Marylin Monroe style.

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