Saturday, 19 April 2014


Top Row Unwrap (white), Butter (beige), Bare (light pink), Taffeta (Peachy pink) , Fade (pastel brown),
 Bottom row Penny (mid brown), Chino (taupe), Truffle ( chocolate), Fog ( dark green) , Smoke (very dark brown)

This palette can be used for a neutral day look or smoked up for evening.

The top row are your spring pastel shades. However I found them lacking pigment and very powdery. The white was just like Talcum powder it didn't really adhere to the skin.I have olive skin but it wasn't the case of the colours being too light to show up (usually pink and white show up on me)  but that the shades were very chalky, hard in the pan, powdery to swatch with lots of fall out and little colour was left behind on the skin. The brown was less chalky and has a decent amount of pigment.

The Bottom row consists of darker neutrals. It's nice that they included a green among all the browns giving the palette a little more versatility. The last colour smoke looks black in the pan but is actually a very dark brown. This row thankfully is much more pigmented and texture is much better and smoother with no powder fall out. I wore Fade and Penny for a natural daytime look, with primer on one lid and one without. After 6 hours the one without primer still had shadow but it had faded and lost a little definition. Pairing Chino on the lid and truffle in the crease is another natural daytime look. I wore this for 10 hours one lid with primer and one without. After 10 hours eye shadow on both had faded although still there, but the lid with primer fared better. I created a smokey eye with truffle and smoke.Again I wore one lid with primer and one without. Eye shadow was still intact on both lids after 12 hours although it had faded a little bit. I would recommend a primer because it makes the colours brighter as well as keeping the eye shadows looking fresher for longer. This palette has 3 taupe browns in different shades which would suit a natural look for the summer or for work and the darker browns for an evening smokey eye.

Packaging: Basic packaging in black. The square pans change it up a bit from the usual MUA circle pans. Although there are 10 pans rather than the 12 usual round ones, you actually get more product (10g vs. 9.6g)

Price: 10 shades (10g) for £4

I find this palette to be very disappointing. It is the first MUA palette I have bought where the pigmentation and texture of almost all the top row has been so awful. I would say 6/10 shadows are good-adequate. It's sad because MUA do decent light pastel shades in their singles so I don't know why these aren't up to scratch.The eye shadows seem to fade quicker than MUA's other palettes as well. On the whole I don't think this palette delivers a happy ever after. I would recommend checking out the light matte colours in MUA's Smokin palette instead. However if you love your neutral browns, the price for the Ever After palette isn't bad working out as 70-80p a shadow.

MUA Matte Ever After Palette from Superdrug and MUA online £4

You will like this if....
  • You are on a budget
  • You like neutals especially brown and taupes
You may not like it if...
  • You want pigmented light colours 


  1. Thats too bad that the lighter shades didn't show up. The bottom row lookds beautiful though.

    1. The MUA palette is still cheap for what it is but it's a shame. Revolution cosmetics are the next big thing and I think they are made by the same company, anyway they have the same pricing structure and worldwide shipping. Nikki x


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