Monday, 28 April 2014

Sleek idivine Showstoppers Palette celebrating 50 years of Superdrug

Superdrug have re-leased the Sleek idivine Showstoppers Palette to celebrate Superdrug's 50th birthday along with limited edition packaging. This palette was limited edition and came out in 2013 so if you missed out here's your chance to get your hands on it. The 12 eye shadow shades are named after popular i-divine palettes.

             (L-R Paraguaya, Sunset, Me Myself & I, Bad Girl, Noir, Ultra Mattes V2)
              (L-R Oh so Special, Bohemian, Storm, Sparkle, Au Naturale and Graphite)

In this palette Sleek have included satin, matte and a glitter finish with varying degrees of success.
The satin shades offer the best quality and there are 6 in total. Sunset is a burgandy-pink, Me Myself and Eye is silver with a blue tinge to it, Bad Girl is olive green and Noir is dirty petrol blue. The satins on the bottom row are Sparkle which is champagne and Graphite a dark brown. Sparkle and Me Myself and I are perfect for an inner corner highlight, while Graphite would be good for a smokey eye. I love Noir it's the shade I've been looking for years to create a rock chick look.

The mattes are not so good, the darker ones being better for their pigmentation. Paraguaya a light peach would be a useful light neutral colour if it wasn't so chalky. Paraguaya hardly showed up against my skin tone (despite having no problems with similar shades in the past) and was very difficult to swatch and work with. Ultra Matte V2 black is better, more richly pigmented but still very matte and while this shade is included in many of Sleek's palettes it's still useful to have. Oh So Special is a cool toned grey which wasn't easy to swatch as it's a little chalky and patchy. Bohemian is a bright salmon colour, it was a little chalky but with excellent pigmentation. Storm is a dark blue and richly pigmented.

The Single glitter shade Au Naturale is a deep purple colour it is extremely pigmented but I didn't find that the glitter showed up much when swatched.

As far as packaging goes apart from the limited edition cardboard packaging the palette is matte black with Sleek's logo as usual and contains a good sized mirror. The palette contains 12 shadows (13.2g) and costs £7.99 from Superdrug.

Out of the twelve, three shadows were disappointing (Paraguya, Au Naturale and Oh So Special) but on the whole it's a reasonably good palette with a eclectic mix of colours that aren't often seen together. This palette is versatile offering neutral, bright and dark looks suitable for work, relaxing or a night out.
Sleek idivine Showstoppers Palette is not a must have but it's worth it for the price if you're building up your eye shadow collection or have fallen in love with one of the shades belonging to a previous palette that is no longer available.

Rock Chick Look

I used Noir (petrol blue) for the lid. I mixed Oh so special (Grey) and Ultra Matte V2 (Black) for the crease.

I lined my upper lash line and added a wing with L'oreal superliner pen in black then lined the lower lash line and tight lined the upper lash line with Rimmel Exaggerate black liner. I used Avon Mega Effects Mascara in black.

Burgundy Brown Autumn Leaves look

Sunset applied to lid, then Graphite applied to the crease and outer corner.
Then I used Bourjois liner Pinceau in brown and Avon Mega Effects Mascara in Black.


  1. I am loving that cranberry and olive green shade in this palette. Stunning.

  2. thank you! the one thing i didn't like about the palette was the names they're so confusing!

  3. thank you! the one thing i didn't like about the palette was the names they're so confusing!


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