Sunday, 25 May 2014

Garnier Oil Beauty Lotion Review

Garnier Oil Beauty Body Lotion contains four oils: Argan, Macadamia, Almond and Rose as well as Shea 
 butter. It is marketed as a lotion that 'nourishes like an oil and absorbs like a cream' which explains the texture -very soft slightly melted butter in a pastel yellow colour. It combines the rich hydration of oils but without the mess or heaviness of oils, but with the ability to absorb quickly and easily into the skin.

Garnier claims this lotion will 'prevent skin feeling dry. Your skin will feel softer and silky smooth.. and more visibly radiant.'  According to their study, clinical scoring found after a week dryness was decreased by 53% in 41 people. A consumer test on 41 people reported that after one week 95% agreed that their skin was noticeably smooth. Out of the 41 people 78% noticed a visible difference to their skin which Garnier uses to support the lotion's claim of a radiant finish. Skin radiance seems to me very subjective and just skin care jargon, do they mean healthy? Glowing? Better? How?

Anyway using a sample I tested this lotion for a week, applying every day on both my arms.   
At the end of 7 days my skin definitively feels softer and smoother and it has made a difference to my super dry elbows, they are still a little dry but the lotion has made a difference in the 7 days which hasn't happened with other lotions I've tried previously. 

Its other claims are 'fast absorbing, non-greasy, non-sticky and dermatology tested.'After applying my hands weren't very greasy and any lotion left over was quickly absorbed, it didn't feel like I had to wash it off my hands immediately. The lotion is definitely non sticky which is more comfortable to apply and wear. It has a subtle fragrance, which to me smells like sweet cocoa butter (not chocolate)  but personally I don't like, however it is very subtle so you can wear other fragrances and it wouldn't interfere. However it does contain mineral oil/petroleum which may be a problem for some people but is paraben free.

I feel that this lotion brings the best of oils and lotions together and is a great product that is also fairly good value for money, currently it's on offer in Boots for £3.33. If you want a hydrating rich moisturiser that's also light this is it! 

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