Monday, 26 May 2014

TRESemme Split Remedy Conditioners Review

Both of these Split Remedy conditioners promise 'to repair split ends by up to 80% after just three uses.' So armed with 10ml samples I tested this claim. I used TRESemme Split Remedy Conditioner four times over two weeks. A month later I used the TRESemme Split Remedy Leave -In- Treatment four times over two weeks. My hair is straight, long (almost down to my elbow) and thick. At the moment I wash my hair and blow dry about 2-3 times a week, don't use any other products or heat on my hair and I haven't had a cut for about 5 months..whoops!
I was very impressed with TRESemme Split Remedy Conditioner, (white bottle) this did what my usual conditioner does but more; there seemed a big reduction in split ends, I would say about about 70% -75% less, this was noticeable even after the first use! I usually only apply conditioner to the ends of my hair because I have hair that gets greasy at the roots but dry at the ends. Since this targets split ends, I applied to the middle to end of my hair. This is a lightweight conditioner than felt no different than my normal conditioner (Patene Classic Care.) After using my hair was softer, smoother, nourished and looking healthy without any frizz. This also smells absolutely divine! From reading reviews on Boots and MakeupAlley this product is like Marmite you either love it or hate it! From what I've read this doesn't perform as well on curly hair and continued use can cause build up and heaviness from the silcones ingredients (Dimethicone and Amodmethicone) so I'd recommend using this as an occasional treatment (maybe once a week or every other week) and rotating it with more 'standard' conditioners.

Does it really repair split ends? Well both conditioners contain PEC Technology (PolyElectrolyte Complex*) so instead of just coating the outside of the hair like standard conditioners do,  the PCT molecules can go into the split ends of the hair and create bridges across the open end of the split. When your hair dries, water evaporates and the contraction pulls the split ends back together Once the PCTs are dry they bind the split end closed-easy! So they do repair split ends, but to get rid of 100% of split ends permanently a trim is probably needed. Apparently PECs are heat activated so you will get the best results by blow drying.

I was less impressed with the results from TRESemme Split Remedy leave in treatment.  This is the first time I've used a leave-in conditioner treatment (which has a more subtle smell.) which I applied and combed through the mid length and ends of hair. I used this with a hair drier and without leaving my hair to air dry, and got the same results.  I found it good at good at dangling and smoothing my hair. However it left the ends of my hair feeling very dry, so I won't be purchasing  this.

*PCT Complexs has a negatively charged ion (PVM/MA copolymer) and a positively charged ion (Polyquaternium -28) Both positive and negative charges together produce a single complex with the special ability to stick to damaged hairs and to itself.

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