Monday, 6 October 2014

Beating Bloggers Block: 28 Blog Ideas for Beauty and Fashion Bloggers

Source: Pinterest with changes

1.  How to guides: for applying fake lashes, creating smoky eyes, for contouring, concealing.

2. Post Technology expertise. I've seen a few 'Techy Tuesday' series and Html tips which I've always found useful.

3. A post on making the most out of social media for connecting with readers and growing your blog.

4. A list of useful apps for bloggers, Photographers, fashionistas and beauty bloggers or apps you use regularly.

5. Routines: Showing your go to make up look, morning and evening skincare routines or how you     style your hair for work.

6. Wish lists: picking out products from eBay, Etsy, Beauty Bay, Topshop, Asos, etc that you'd like     to buy or a theme such as make up brushes or a handbag wishlist. I loved this photography equipment wishlist by The Life Of a Beauty Addict (here).

7. Blog Love. Create a post on favourite bloggers or posts you've liked.

8. Create a post on your favourite instagrammers, Youtubers or Pinterest boards.

9. Google any forthcoming days/weeks that are devoted to particular causes such as national feet day, mental health week and stopover (stopping smoking) and create a post inspired/tie in which will also increase awareness.

10. Recreate looks from make up campaigns, fashion campaigns celebrity pictures in magazines,    videos, reality shows such as X factor.

11. A post on News and current affairs. Whether this your opinion on new make up technology such  as the nail polish that tests whether a drink has been spiked Mary from Strikeapose (here) wrote a good article on this. Or blog about more general topics, following the incident where Beyonce's sister hit Jay Z, Makeupmonster (here) wrote a blog article on whether assaults towards men are taken seriously. The Huffington Post and Jezebel are good websites/blogs for current affairs news.

12. Write a dupes posts or look for less post.
13. Write about what got you into blogging, first experiences of make up or forays into fashion (disasters.)  Blog about what you love and what bugs you about blogging. Jane from British Beauty Blogger (here) is very outspoken about blogging issues whether this be about the magazine/blog divide or fake bloggers or giving an overview of the beauty blogosphere (here.) While Makeupmonster (here) offers more discussion by asking readers their opinions on blogging issues.

14. Interview someone. They don't have to be famous. Someone in the field such as beauty PR, marketing, make up artist, photographer, a vintage clothes store owner, a vintage compact   collector or another blogger.

15.  Blogging and photography tips, these aren't just read by beginners I think everyone appreciates tips that help us improve.

16. School subjects think HISTORY of make up/fashion, SCIENCE reading ingredients     lists/good/bad ingredients. ENGLISH a list of beauty quotes, book reviews on make up or   autobiographies of someone you admire or important person in the field such as coco Chanel. DESIGN the prettiest and ugliest packaging or branding.

17. Do a tutorial/face of the day/nail of the day/outfit of the day post.

18. Best picks of a particular brand /one brand tutorial.

19. Review experiences of spa days, salon treatments, personal shopper/Make up swaps/swishing  parties.

20. Review tools of the trade:make up brushes, sponges, eye lash curlers, hair rollers, hair dryers, tongs straighteners, nail plate kits etc.

21. Blog about make up storage/clothes storage.

22. Seasons change. Summer: bikinis and sun protection, winter months Dealing with dry skin, wearing woollens, Spring pastels and spring cleaning (aka chucking out old clothes/make up) Autumn colour palette for nails/clothes/make up.

23. Make it personal. Write a post about how you deal with any issues you have such as having acne, eczema, anxiety issues.  Use your experiences to give tips and advice on how you dress with big boobs (Annie from A Little Opulent does a great post here btw) how you make thin hair voluminous etc.

24. Complete a tag -there are many online and readers love getting to know the person behind the blog.

25. Write about beauty and fashion hits, misses and favourites.

26 Invite a guest blogger or participate in a collaboration. If you have no one in mind you can do a blog call out post to ask if anyone is interested.

27. Look back at your old posts and write a new post with links to your favourite posts. Or write a post that groups old posts together so they are easier to find in one go such as List of all the blogging or beauty tips or How to, posts.

28. List all the current sales: highlight the best offers or list all the voucher codes available  money saving expert is a good place to start.

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