Monday, 3 November 2014

Quick Make Up Collection Clear Out

I decided to have a quick clear out of my make up collection, so I rooted through my all my nail polishes and streamlined my eye shadow palettes.  Unfortunately genius that I am I gave away some items before writing this post. While I've conditioned myself like any other beauty blogger to photograph new make up before I use it, I forgot to keep hold of all of these items before I gave them away, so forgive me for the Orly stock photo.

ELF 32 Eye shadow Palette
This was a free gift with my first ever order from ELF, and it actually put me off buying eye shadows from them as the wear time on these is incredibly bad, the shadow just slides off within an hour or less (I have moderately oily lids.)  However paired with a eye primer these last as long as other eye shadows. I don't feel they're good quality and apart from the peach shadow I don't feel I'll miss the other colours. My Smashbox Wondervision Mega palette (holiday 2013) has a lot of similar colours and of better quality.I don't find myself using this palette on a regular basis. The glitter shadows are bad they look cheap and tacky and as if they come from a child's make up palette. Don't get me wrong I'm not hating on ELF- I actually love their long lasting eye shadows and cream shadows I just didn't like this palette.

Sleek  Supreme Eye Shadow Palette
I went through a phase of buying every sleek eye palette release as they are usually very pigmented and good value for money. But after awhile I realised that many of the colours I already had in other palettes and now I only buy those palettes that are truly different from what I have. I find these shades are very ordinary and honestly a bit drab. I'm going to rescue the third shade bottom row for a cheek contour shade and maybe the matte yellowy beige at the end of the row for an natural looking eye shadow base.

MUA Matte Ever After Eye Shadow Palette

I decided to throw this out because many of the shades didn't show up on my skin and I felt the brown shades weren't unique and could be found in other palettes I had.

MUA Lip Pencils in Brooding Plum and Red Drama
These tend to smudge and I have better lip liners in these colours that work better.

Downton Abbey Nail polish in Satin Pink

This came as part of a set and while I felt I would wear the other colours (a red and dark purple) I felt that I wouldn't really wear such a pale pink. I was hoping it would do for a french manicure but I was wrong.

Orly Nail Polish
Unfortunately I gave this away before noting down the colour it was probably Coutry club Khaki or Dare To bare. I actually got this free with a magazine but after experimenting with the Greige trend I felt it wasn't for me, I didn't feel it looked very flattering on my nails.

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