Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Unsent Letters Of A Make Up Fan

This post is inspired by Gaia at The Non Blonde's hilarious post: Dear You- Unsent Letters, A Very Cranky Edition and I decided to have a go writing letters of my own, only these are mainly fan letters.

Dear Sephora,

I would love you to come to the UK, fall in love and make a home here. I appreciate that you send care packages to the UK but it's not the same. While you have many properties in Europe(9 in total:France,Spain,Italy,Portugal,Romania,Turkey,Czech Republic,Greece and Poland) I live in hope that you will one day also settle here. You don't have to give up your American citizenship.

Have a think, sleep (beautifully) on it,

Love your biggest fan.

Dear L'oreal Paris,

Please don't be offended but sometimes less is more. Your lipsticks are too perfumed and it can put people off, especially those with allergies. It would be wonderful if you could perhaps have an unscented version or at least tone it down a little, make it a bit more modern and contemporary, we don't all want to smell like little old ladies.

Sorry not sorry,

Bought No. 7 lipsticks instead.


Dear Lorac,

I have always admired you from afar, from your beautiful Pro Palettes down to your lovely lipsticks. Unfortunately I can't afford the air fare to whisk you back to Britain.Perhaps someday you'll make my dream come true?

Yours hopefully,

A British beauty blogger.


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