Wednesday, 30 September 2015

6 Beauty Tools I use Everyday

Tweezerman Tweezers Boots £19.50
I put off buying these tweezers for years thinking that they were really overpriced but it's been the best decision I ever made. These are sharp and precise and they make plucking my eyebrows so much faster and easier. My brows are quite bushy and my hands used to ache holding tweezers but these wide grip tweezers make such a difference and my hands never ache now. They are still available in wide grip and I cannot recommend them enough.

Nail Scissors £1 Primark
Ever since I read that Elizabeth Hurley used nail scissors to trim her eyebrows in a magazine I've been doing the same, regardless of whether it's a celebrity myth or not. It helps them to look tidy and neat.

Real Techniques Blending Sponge Boots £5.99
I love this sponge, it's great for achieving a flawless finish to your foundation and the pointed and flat edge is good for getting under the eyes and around the nose. I don't think it's as bouncy as the Beauty Blender but you can still stipple foundation on. Real techniques are such a brilliant, affordable brand.

Eyelash Curlers £1 Primark
I was heartbroken after I accidently spilt nail polish remover over my beloved Cosmopolitan eyelash curlers, I felt uneasy using them near my eyes and Cosmopolitan are no longer making beauty accessories. So I popped into Primark and found these and they are pretty good for only £1! I was deciding between these and The Body Shop ones but these had more positive reviews. I love eyelash curlers- they're great for opening the eye and looking more awake.

Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove Dupe ebay £4.79 or ebay £2.19 
Ok, so I don't quite use this everyday. This is really a silicone oven glove which I bought after reading a post by Fiona of Makeup Savvy to help deep clean my makeup brushes. It works best on short bristle face brushes such as Real Techniques Core Collection contour brush and Zoeva's 110, and 122. It helps to clean them quickly and easily.

Magnifying Mirror Tiger  £2
For days when I don't want to wear contacts, this magnifying mirror helps me to apply eye makeup without looking like a clown ( I'm very short sighted.). It has two suction pads so you can stick it on a mirror or another surface.   

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