Wednesday, 9 September 2015

August Favourites - Beauty and Netflix

My favourite beauty products during August included Makeup Revolution's sister brand I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate palette. It has a lot of neutral eye shadows which is great for summer so you don't look too over done in the bright summer sunlight (not that the U.K. got much of that this summer) and is also good for neutral work appropriate makeup for the rest of the year- there are 5 matte shadows and 10 shimmer but they're more subtle than Urban Decay Naked shimmer shadows and I will be doing a full review of it soon. I've also been using Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight, I'm happy that the formula isn't irritating to my sensitive skin and it does keep eye makeup in place all day. It's taken me a while to get used to a coloured eye primer, I'm so used to beige pink formation of the original ELF and the disastrous MUA eye primer that then get covered up by eye shadow. Candlelight gives a nice golden champagne highlight which is good to apply in the inner corner of the eye to look more awake. I love the packaging, there's an iridescent golden sheen to the white tube which invokes a Cinderella fairy tale magic to it. It's also the first eye primer I've used that comes in a tube with a narrow nib instead of a doe foot applicator, I actually like it as I think less product is wasted with the nib.
I also got a lot of use out of  the E.L.F blush in Glow which doubles up as a blush and highlighter in one since it's is a peach colour with a golden shimmer through it, sort of like a budget Nar's Orgasm blusher. I've also been loving New C.I.D's i-crayon in Plum Cordial, it's a bright blue based pink which was perfect for summer lips, the colour is pigmented but incredibly moisturising too. It's great to wear on the lips as my lips have been really dry to the point where wearing lip gloss is uncomfortable and Vaseline doesn't really hydrate them and to my surprise this fitted the bill. It's so comfortable I will probably keep wearing this in the autumn. It does transfer onto glasses but it does leaves a stain on the lips so you do retain some colour. It's a twist up crayon which means no mess or waste sharpening the nib, although the finish is really a satin look rather than glossy which New C.i.d describe it as. This also doubles up as a cheek tint as well which will be good for the Snow White autumn look where the cheeks look flushed from the cold. This lip and cheek crayon has a perfumed sweet candy smell, at first it can be a bit overpowering but once on the lips the smell disappears.  It's such a good multi tasking product I would be interested in buying more in other colours.

In other news I've really got into the TV show White Collar. The show is about Neal Caffrey a renowned art thief, con artist and slick counterfeiter. With only a few months left of his four year sentence, Neal escapes jail to look for his girlfriend Kate. Special Agent Peter Burke finds him again and sends him back to prison. So Neal makes a deal with the FBI to work as a FBI consultant as part of a work-release program. FBI Agent Burke agrees on the condition Neal wears an ankle monitor. Neal shares his expertise and helps Agent Burke to solve his white collar crime cases. Then there's also the mystery of what has actually happened to Neal's girlfriend Kate. Starring Matt Boner (who is pretty easy on the eye) Willie Garson as his friend Mozzie (who you may remember as Stanford from Sex and The City) and Tiffani Thiessen (Kelly from the Original Saved by The Bell.)

I hope you all had a lovely summer and will follow me into the autumn.


  1. I need to dig that Makeup Revolution palette out again - lovely shades :) the Elf blush looks lovely too xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | High-End Palette Giveaway

    1. Yes Makeup Revolution palettes are so good! I'm also glad E.L..F is back in the UK now. x


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