Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year!


Beauty in 2015........

 has been the year of contouring, strobing, instagram eyebrow perfection, 90's nude lips and big full lips. I gotta admit that I'm glad to see the back of the bubble nail art (if you don't know what I mean see this post) and though I never saw anyone doing this IRL, glitter armpits!

Beauty in 2016...........

Basically sheet masks and nude lips are here to stay, MAC is bringing out a coloured Strobing cream and Marc Jacobs Beauty hits Harrods early this year. I'm excited for the Korean influenced beauty trends hitting our shores such as the peelable lip stain and glass nails , both sound so amazing and innovative.

My Take on the Year and New Year Resolutions

After having a pretty rubbish year I'm glad 2015 over.  I found reading this post: Making the Most of a Fresh Start  by Rebecca From Roses really helpful. The points about leaving things in the past and not letting circumstances define you were really useful and got me in a positive state of mind for the year ahead. 
I've struggled with a lot of health problems so becoming fit and healthy is my main resolution this year. And the other is finishing my chick-lit/ women's fiction novel. What are your New Year Resolutions?



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