Friday, 14 July 2017

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina & Baca Review

Despite being such a cult favourite I was reluctant to go near Stila's Stay all Day Liquid Lipsticks for a long time. This was down to a bad experience with Stila's other lip products (namely Stila It Gloss Shimmer which was such a sickening sweet scent of vanilla it made me gag whenever I wore it) and the notorious reputation Patina had for being so drying according to reviews on Makeupalley.  

Well, the devil on my shoulder that pursued me down the beauty aisles of Marks and Spencer was right. I'm in love! This is in a completely different league and smells and tastes like buttercream or vanilla cupcakes. It actually can be kinda addictive. The formula surprised me as it's thinner than Jeffree Star's formula and dare I say it a little oily. It does take awhile to dry and on the lips it feels lightweight because the formula is thin. It is initially a little drying as most liquid to matte lipsticks can be, but after a while it settles down. I haven't had to exfoliate my lips to wear these. 

What most impressed me was that for the Patina shade there was practically zero transfer on cups and glasses and no transfer while eating a banana (a feat which hasn't happened to me before.) It is pretty much budge proof for 8 hours + even if you're drinking. However it will come off if you're eating a meal that contains oil e.g burgers etc. The shade does look darker on the lips when it's fully dried compared to when I swatched it on my hands. When wet it looks like nice mid pink Kylie Jenner look lipstick but dries down a pinky mauve. On my yellow toned olive skin this has a grey undertone. I'm glad I bought this as I don't have anything like this in my current collection. 

Bacca is in the new Stila Liquid lipstick packaging. It is a dark raspberry colour and it actually tastes like raspberries and buttercream. While Bacca is a matte vampy colour  it doesn't look too gothic. This liquid to matte lipstick is initially a little drying but then it calms down. The formula seems to be thinner than Patina and not at all oily. While it looks patchy in  the swatch it doesn't apply patchily at all. Bacca does transfer a little onto cups and glasses, though most of the lipstick stays on. However eating a meal is a lot trickier and I found that this lipstick can move over and away from the lip line and transfer, but generally it fades from the middle.  Dark colours require more maintenance but luckily this can be topped up (after a meal) and look fine and even. If you don't eat then this will look good even 6 hours after applying. 

Priced at £16 and available from the Stila website (UK) & Marks and Spencer 

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