Monday, 20 January 2014

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review

  I don't tend to spend much on mascaras (probably the most I've spent is £12 or £13) and only try mascaras from high end brands if they're included in a set or have a discount. I think the price has put me off trying this before despite all the hype and Holy Grail status this has in the beauty world.

 However his mascara is absolutely amazing! The formula allows you to build and lengthen lashes to an extent I've never experienced before or thought possible and it lasts all day. The performance is probably on par with fibre lash mascaras that I've shied away from because they're not recommended for contact lens wearers. This mascara doesn't smudge or flake off also important considerations if you wear contact lenses. The formula is more on the wet side so it will take longer to dry. I have long thickish lashes that suit wet formulas. If you have thin short lashes this may be less effective since the mascara may not build up properly onto thin lashes. The formula can hold a curl but not as well as other mascaras so you may need to give it another boost and curl midday. However sometimes it can look a little spidery on application. This can be easily remedied with a lash comb/old mascara wand. Although I have black lashes I feel the darkness of the black colour is pretty decent. Benefit claims that 94% of people in their consumer panel survey saw dramatic length and volume of eyelashes. Initially I didn't see any difference to the volume and thickness of my lashes until I read on Benefit's website that you're supposed to hold the wand vertically and stroke upwards for the promised effect. This method does make lashes look thicker however it's also more likely to result in mascara clumping. Unfortunately this mascara is not waterproof.

This brush has short plastic bristles, with bristles on the end tip. I prefer fibre brushes but this brush does separate lashes and I like the fact that the bristles on the end tip are angled, making it easier to coat lashes in the corners of your eyes. When applied to lower lashes the effect is a wide eyed 60's Twiggy look. I prefer the more natural look so I just coat the upper lashes. The brush generally prevents eyelashes clumping as well. I thought the smaller wand on this small sized trial version wouldn't be as effective but I was proved wrong! The only downside of the smaller wand and plastic bristles is that you have to be careful not to poke your eye. Perhaps this is because I'm not used to using plastic bristles. The wiper (the plastic ring inside the mascara's mouth) is pretty effective at depositing the right amount of mascara on the brush and preventing clumped eyelashes.

When it comes to the packaging, personally I don't like the grey tube, I think silver would look more luxurious. I think the full sized version is silver so I don't know why this isn't silver too. Also I don't like the orange writing on grey background but I suppose it does stand out.

I would still use another mascara for lash volume on nights out (which require a more dramatic look) but I'm super impressed by the performance of this mascara, and glad I've finally had a chance to use it. This was a freebie with a magazine (Elle) but the mini size retails in Boots stores for £9.50 which makes this mascara more affordable. I never use up all the mascara in a full bottle anyway but I guess how quickly you get through it depends how often you use it. The smaller size would be good to pack when traveling. I definitely feel the high price point is worth it. If you haven't tried this already- do check it out you won't regret it.

4.0g  £9.50 Boots in store
8.5g £19.50 Boots Debenhams John Lewis Benefit

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