Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Hand Cream Lowdown

Neutrogena Hand Cream concentrated (£3.68 approx. for 50ml)
This is good for very dry and sore skin. Because it's concentrated you only need to use a little as it's quite rich so the tube lasts ages. Feels very nourishing on the skin. Some may find it a bit greasy as it's quite heavy. However the moisturising properties continue after you've washed your hands. Useful for those on a budget or for sensitive noses who prefer unscented products. If you like a scented hand cream read on.

Body Shop Almond Hand and Nail Cream (£5 for 30ml)
This feels light on the skin and contains almond oil which is well known for making skin softer. The cream is easily absorbed without making hands feel very greasy.
A word of warning though this is very sweet smelling, like Italian Amoretti biscuits but even sweeter too sweet for me. Also while skin felt so much softer they didn't feel as moisturised.
But kudos points to The Body Shop for using Fair Trade brazil oil in the ingredient list.

Neals Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream (£10 for 50ml)
Initially a limited edition, this became so popular Neals Yard now include it in their permanent line.
The consistency is runny like sun cream. It contains organic honey as well as brazil nut oil and orange essential oil.When opened this has a citrusy smell but once on the hands it's more like cinnamon spice. Neal's Yard claim the scent is 'energizing' and compared to the sweet scents of the others it is different but if I wanted to wake up and feel fresh this wouldn't be what I'd reach for. 
After applying your hands feel fairly greasy but this fades after 10-15 minutes. It feels very nourishing. Like Neurogena this is more heavy duty and tackles chapped hands and is hailed as good for dry skin and eczema. Neals Yard's Bee products raise money for the Buglife, Landlife and Pesticide Action Network UK. This is cruelty free and winner of the RSVP Beauty award winner 2013.

L'Occitane Jasmine passion Hand cream 20% Shea butter  (30ml)
This is one of L'Occitane's limited edition 20% shea butter range and is currently available in a set. The original version won many beauty awards but this one smells so much nicer. It's light but very  moisturising and feels so nourishing on my hands. It's a little tacky after applying but then it settles down.  I just love the scent of Jasmine.

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