Thursday, 23 January 2014


It's Boots No.7 voucher time again!
 No. 7 do some affordable high quality make up brushes and with £3 off it's a bargain!
These are synthetic brushes so are cruelty free and don't shed. They can handle frequent washing, I've had two for over two years and the others over a year and they fare well. They are also recommended by Pixiwoo  (before Sam Chapman made her real technique brushes.)

The handles are quite short which may not be to everyone's taste but they are a good size for travel and with some D.I.Y cutting the plastic packaging makes for an excellent make up brush bag.(I also keep my eye liners and lip liners in them.)

 The regular prices are below

Eye contour Brush £7.25 (No 7 top Coastal scents bottom)
Most eye looks need a fluffy blending brush to contour/shade the eye crease. I bought this as it looked like a dupe of MAC's 217 fluffy brush. Unfortunately I don't own this brush but can compare to coastal scents, which is a cheaper brand than No. 7. Compared to the Coastal scents version this brush is flatter, making it perfect for a smaller eye crease. The actual brush heads are about the same length. My coastal scents one may be nearing the end of its life.

Precision Eyeliner Brush £7
I don't find this good for eyeliner at all I feel it's too thick for a precise line.
I feel this makes an excellent lip brush instead. It's thinner than the No. 7 lip brush and so gives more accurate application. I've had this brush for at least two years and wash it once a week/fortnight (I don't tend to wear proper lipstick as often as lip gloss) I've experienced absolutely no shedding.

Lip Brush £7
This is a great lip brush it's a good size for filling in lips. It hasn't really been discoloured at all over 2 years. A few hairs are bent but I think that's done to me storing them amongst too many brushes. At a pinch I sometimes use this as an eye shadow brush if I can't find any clean brushes, although it is rather small for this.

Concealer brush £8
I am currently battling dark circles under my eyes so thought a good concealer brush may help in my application of concealer. The brush is really soft. I also use it for an all over quick wash of eye shadow. Above is a picture comparing the size to a Real techniques foundation brush. The no.7 brush is smaller and a tinier bit more fuller.

What are your experiences of these brushes? Do you disagree?

Disclaimer; I bought these brushes with my own money and am not being compensated in any way or have links with Boots or No7 

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