Wednesday, 3 September 2014

How to keep lipstick on for longer

Step 1) Apply a lip primer or Mac's Erase or a Chapstick (this is non greasy. With other lip balms you will need to blot with tissue/ blotting paper to eliminate excess oil beforehand)

Step 2) Outline lips and fill in with lip pencil *    

Step 3) Apply lipstick using a lip brush to give a precise and sharp outline.

Step 4) Blot with blotting paper/tissue. For tissue fold in half and place between your lips and press down.

Step 5) Apply lipstick again

Step 6) This time blot using translucent powder (Loose or Pressed it doesn't matter)
There are two ways.
 i) Separate a tissue so that you are left with a thin layer (one-ply.) Place it over your lips and dust translucent powder on top of the tissue using a powder puff.
 ii) Using a fluffy eye brush, brush translucent powder directly onto lips.

Step 7) Reapply liner/touch up lips with a final layer of lipstick

Step 8) You can go a stage  further by using a lip seal such as Lipcote.
          (personally I don't usually do this.)

*Lip pencil
  • Lip liners are usually dry and waxy to enable them to stay longer on the lips. If you are using a creamy lip liner you may need to blot again with tissue or paper.
  • Stretching the lip will make it easier to draw. Start in the middle for the top lip. For the bottom start in either corner.
  • Drawing an x across the cupids bow will make sure that both the left and right sides of the lip are an equal size.
  • For a softer line use the side of the pencil instead of the point and sketch in light feathery strokes.
  • Apply foundation around the mouth to give a clean finish  and cover any lipstick smudges. 
  • Avoid food with oil such as salad dressings, pizza etc. because the oil can dissolve lipstick.
  • Lastly to get rid of any lipstick on your teeth: put a finger in your mouth, close lips around it and pull it out.

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