Monday, 29 September 2014

12 Tips For Blogging Inspiration

For the next four consecutive Mondays I will be posting a Blogging tips series which I hope will be useful and I'd love to hear some feedback. Here goes...

1. Read magazines and blogs, for information on the latest trends, inspiration from the cover star's hair, make up and style or reviews on the latest products (Brands like Revlon and Maybelline release products in the US before they hit the UK) You may see a blog-post and feel you can expand further or put your own twist on it.

2. Take a trip to Boots, Superdrug or the department stores (or Sephora if you're lucky enough to live near one) list trends, swatch the newest products, spray the latest perfume release. Tour the high street for the latest fashion and compare which brand does the trend best.

3. Watch TV and films. Recreate the make up or style of favourite characters, celebrities on chat shows or  from reality shows.

4. Talk to family and friends. When I mentioned I was starting a beauty blog I got asked questions such as recommending the best waterproof mascara, my opinions on organic skincare etc. Ask them what sort of things they would like to know.

5. Ask friends and family the next time you notice and like their new outfit and make up look where it's from. You could also ask their advice on tips for dressing different body shapes or make up for different colourings.

6. People Watch, whether in the park in summer, waiting at the bus stop on a cold day, waiting for a friend to show up or even in a doctors waiting room, take a look at what people are wearing, their hair and make up. Is there someone who hasn't quite managed to pull something off? This could become a dos and don't post or an advice guide. Does someone make a really odd choice look great? How? The most common advice to writers is to earwig (for perfect dialogue or inspiration for ideas) whether on the bus or in a shop queue, perhaps you overhear something you don't agree with- this could become an opinion or rant piece.

7. Use your experiences. Write down what you know since you've started blogging this will boost your confidence and may develop into an advice post or humorous take on blogging.

8. Use your experiences, if you've recently attended a wedding, prom, races such as Ascot or even  nights out, take a look what people were wearing (perhaps a certain style or colour is fashionable) and how they did their make up and hair.

9. Take inspiration from social media, whether this be a twitter bloggers chat or from Instagram and Pinterest pictures.

10. Read and watch the news. Use topical subjects to write an opinion post, or bring awareness of a certain cause close to your heart, broadcast your enthusiasm for the next advancement in beauty technology or take inspiration for the latest outfits from a celebrity wedding/court hearing or film premier.

11. Take a look back at the posts with the most views and read the comments, are there any questions that need answering, or is there anything you feel you left out? Use these posts to expand or write similar posts.

12. Take time out to recharge your batteries. Sometimes ideas flow when we're more relaxed. And when you do get back to blogging it won't feel like a chore but a joy.

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