Friday, 5 September 2014


MUA's matte lipstick range comes packaged in white tubes to distinguish them from their original lipstick line (in black tubes). The colour indicators at the base are accurate in that they match the lipstick inside. The packaging is simple,no frills.The matte range smells heavily of vanilla creme brulee but once on the lips the smell disappears. They taste of vanilla too but it's fairly subtle. 
There isn't much slip when applying these MUA Matte lipsticks and it can be  a teeny bit drying on the lips.

Scarlet Siren is a bright red and Wild Berry is a darker vamp cherry shade. From the bullet Wild Berry looks almost Gothic but is actually a dark raspberry shade that is much more wearable than it appears. However Wild berry is a little waxy and can cling to dry patches so that the application doesn't look as smooth as expected.This shade does not last a meal which I didn't really expect it to as it doesn't claim it's long wearing.It can wear off on the middle of the lips but looked quite subtle because my lips are a similar red/pink tone. 
Scarlet siren is a little different because it doesn't cling to dry patches and applies very smoothly. It does transfer onto cups and glasses after a drink but remains intact. Again this lipstick doesn't last after a meal. It can wear off in the middle so be wary of the lipstick ring effect.

                               Scarlet Siren

                               Wild Berry 

On the lips Wild Berry is actually a dark red like a red wine rather than purple which was difficult to show on camera. Out of the two shades Scarlet siren is my favourite  I love the fact it's matte and a classic Hollywood red that looks so sophisticated. 
Priced at just a pound both these lipsticks are a bargain! Thumbs up.

MUA LIp Liners

These lip liners are available in four colours- Red Drama, Brooding Plum, Pink Me Up and Softly Lined. They have a creamy soft consistency just like MUA's eyeliners. The sharpener in the lid is pretty decent. and useful. However be careful if you're travelling with these to wipe down the pencil sharpener so that the shavings don't stain your bag.

MUA lip pencils Top-Bottom  Brooding Plum,Softly Lined, Pink Me Upand  Red Drama,

Red Drama kept the runny Jemma Kidd lip gloss in place and without any signs of feathering.
Softly lined and Pink Me Up are both satin finishes which I've never tried before I'm used to matte colours for lip liners.

These are softer compared to Boots Seventeen's lip liners (which are now discontinued) and while they apply smoothly, unfortunately they smudge easily and have no lasting power. While MUA's eye liners look sexy when smudged the same does not apply to lip liners especially if they're in such bright colours shown here. As much as I like MUA apart from the two with satin finishes these colours can be commonly found in other make up brands and they probably will work better, so give these a miss.

 (If you do want to pick one up you can get them from  Superdrug or MUA online for £1.)


  1. I love a matte red lip- silent siren is perfect!


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