Monday, 19 January 2015

6 Cool Beauty Instagrammers

What I love about make up is the power to transform yourself, whether it's from feeling sad and unloved to attractive and vibrant, from changing appearances from natural to glamorous and even extraordinary costume face painting. It's definitely a skill that can be learnt and improved on, but some people have an amazing talent for it, these are my 6 coolest beauty instagrammers. Not all of these looks are wearable day to day, but they are amazing works of art and inspiration. Instagram is a visual social media tool that showcases these looks well, for free and at your fingertips.

1. Jewshopalot
A make up artist based in New York, Jewshopalot creates extraordinary theatrical looks that are just breathtaking. Check out her other make up looks on instagram @Jewshopalot. 
                                                                                                   Photos courtesy of Jewshopalot
2) Tag Peleg
Tal Peleg is a visual artist whose professional make up skills helped to create incredibly detailed eye looks, literally the eye lid becomes a canvas painting. Her inspiration comes from fairy tales, poetry, animals and films. One of  her designs 'window to the soul' with the words 'words can be dangerous so use them wisely' was created to draw attention to bullying and anti bullying campaigns. Her designs can take up to 3 hours to create and she has been featured in the Daily Mail here . She is such a talented artist- go check her out on instagram @Tal-Peleg and Facebook page here

3) Nailuminium
   Margee C. is a nail blogger from the Czech Republic. Her designs are mostly hand drawn in acrylic paint. She started her blog Nailuminium to display her fantastic nail designs and her amazing talent. Her blog also has lots of tutorials and nail polish reviews of the polishes she's tried. Follow her at  @nailuminium

                                                                                                           Photos Courtesy of Nailuminium

4) The Bookish Manicurist
Mands from Sydney Australia, is a certified nail technician who paints her nails to match the books she reads and reviews. You can see her young adult book reviews on her blog The Bookish Manicurist. Catch her latest nails and reads on instagram @thebookishmanicurist.

5) Dress Up Box                                                                                                                             

Hannah Concannon could almost be mistaken for Lady Gaga's make up artist. She is an artist, writer, and costume designer hailing from Oregon, USA. When she moved to San Francisco she ended up living with 24 artists in The Convent Collective, one of these friends challenged her to create one piece of art everyday. So everyday since January 2013 she has been painting her face and her instagram has been documenting the results! Her looks are very dramatic and theatrical. Her blog also features tutorials, videos and reviews - which you can find here. Follow her on instagram @dressupbox

6) Motives Cosmetics              
Motives Cosmetics are an American cosmetics company by Loren Ridinger and Motives for La La. They also do skincare range as well. They have a UK website here as well as Canada, Hong Kong, Australia and Taiwan websites. They have a big Instagram presence but I never feel overwhelmed by their posts because their photos (from promotional pictures, professional make up artists or sent by make up loving general public)  are so stunningly beautiful. See more at their instagram  @Motivescosmetics.

                                                                                                     Photos courtesy of Motives Cosmetics

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