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Useful free stuff for bloggers

This is my last post of my blogging series- it's a little later than I planned so sorry about that.
         In this post I wanted to put all the blogging resources: useful websites, printable calendars and            blogging planners, free images, editing programmes together in one place.

1.  Free Pretty Printable Calendars

Good for scheduling posts and keeping organised, monthly printable calendars are great to print out when there are only a few months left of the year.

2. Free Printable Blogging planner sheet

Measuring Flower
14 Page Blogging Binder including product review sheet, give-away sheet, income and expense sheet, advertising record and editorial calendar. It also has blog maintenance check lists with prompts and also a blank one if you prefer that.

Just Another Static Heart
A beautiful floral planner with 8 pages that include  Reviews/giveaway sheets and Ideas pages (from companies to contact. future posts and advertising.)

real life at home
I love these they have lots of room for writing and have chevron pattern. These 3 pages include an ad/review/Campaign sheet, Monthly statistics page & Monthly goals/ideas pages

Play Party Pin
Great Monthly blog check list (above) Daily check list (here)

Gifts We Use
Great blogging planning sheet with lots of room to write and it includes a check list so that you don't forget anything.

smart school house
Two pretty blue and pink to do lists with graphics.

Imperfect homemaking
I like the blog post planner page but there is also a daily planner page.

living well spending less.
You need to sign up but it's free, There are 9 sheets very colourful with lots of space,they include
long term blogging goals, monthly blogging goals, connections and a to do list with prompts.

Love at first book. This has a guest post tracker, series tracker, contacts page and twitter/hashtag tracker.

Made To Be A Momma Colourful 5 sheet planner that includes a password keeper and guest post /contributors planner.

3. Free images (to use click on the bold name)

Pixabay you may find and share images free of copyrights. All pictures are published under Creative Commons Public Domain deed CC0. You can copy, modify, distribute and use the images, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission and without paying attribution. There are some sponsored images that are watermarked to let you know that they need to be paid for. Overall though a fantastic library of free images.

Photopin After typing in search box the search results are subtly divided- photos at the top, above the dotted line are sponsored photos (need to pay for) and the photos below the dotted line are free
1 select image size
2. Click on the thumbnail  Photo on the Left to check License 
3. Grab HTML for Attribution: copy and paste this at the bottom of your blog post similar to collage one/polyvore

Each picture is tagged, some are free or  other are called 'premium' which cost $1 (75p approx.) You pay when you publish. This programme is good for creating graphics for blog post graphics, pintrest, instagram graphics,diagrams, posters etc.

4.Free editing programmes 

Pic monkey see here
This is the one I have the most experience with, It's really easy to use.

ipiccy see here The programme design looks more basic than PicMonkey but it actually has a few more tools such as the erase tool which I like to erase background tool to give pictures a crisp picture.

Befunky See here
This is great for 'freestyle' collages

Below is a list of Free Downloadable Photo Editing Programmes
  • Lightroom 
  • GIMP
  • fotoflexer

5 Free Samples     

If it's awhile until pay day, or your favourite sales assistant at the beauty counter has left or you're saving up for something else in your life, making use of freebie sites can plug that gap and broaden the range of brands to try out. Often in exchange for raising a brands social network profiles (likes on Facebook page etc), competitions or a filling in a form on the brands website that freebie will be yours. I prefer to fill out forms direct on a brands website, then I know what I am getting and that they are the only ones with my details (click no for sharing information to third party websites.) Also I try and use shops I usually shop in and websites and apps I will use or trust (such as boots, Asos etc.)
  • Magic Freebies This is up to the minute and in my experience they're reliable. The homepage has the latest offers which is updated daily. Then there's the free health and beauty and free fashion stuff clothes and accessories categories.
  • Latest Free stuff   Look under free health and beauty, free make up. free perfume. free fashion stuff, free women's samples and top 20 freebies.
  • Freestuff look under fashion freebies, perfume samples, make up free stuff, hair and beauty free stuff and health and fitness free stuff.
  • Money Saving Expert Created by Martin Lewis this website is full of advice and offers. I sign up for the weekly emails as I find the webpage a bit confusing and busy, but don't let that put you off. The offers are updated daily and information about them and people's experiences of obtaining them are shared in a forum. It's also good at giving a heads up on magazine freebies and Boots/Superdrug/Supermarket offers.

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  1. Some fantastic freebies in there, I find it hard to find decent freebies and most never get delivered I have used, They are fantastic the best 2 in the UK!


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