Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Finish 5 by Cinco De Mayo Challenge Intro

The Finish 5 by Cinco De Mayo is a challenge started by Megan +megsmakeup8. This is a challenge where you choose 5 products to finish by May 5th 2015. I wasn't sure whether to do this or the Finish 7 by Spring (March 20th) but as I would have started a month late I decided on this challenge instead. The reasons why I've decided to take on the Finish 5 by Cinco De Mayo Challenge are that I thought it would be fun- I've never done one of these challenges before, and lately I've realised that my cream and liquid products were being neglected and really they need to be used much more frequently
due to the shorter expiration date. I will do quick updates on the 5th of the each month to show you how I'm doing.  I have tried to pick products that are hopefully realistic to finish- wish me luck!

ELF cream Blusher (duo)
I've used this about 3 times so there's about 98% product left. I love the Nars lookalike palette but I find the bronzer too orange so I only use the blush. Because the blush isn't long wearing it's not my favourite but since it's cream I feel like I need to use it up fairly quickly.

No. 7 Cream Eye Shadow in Fudge
I tend to favour my Maybelline cream tattoos or the Mac cream eye shadows and this falls by the wayside- from what I remember this is fairly long lasting and a lovely bronze/brown colour. I reckon there's about 99-98% product left.

No. 7 Eye Shadow and Blush Palette by Lisa Elderidge
I've had this palette for years and although I love it-it's a great size, with a big mirror and shades I wear regularity (apart from the mint green.) However I feel I have lots of palettes and would like to use this up. It's taken me years to hit pan on the gold shadow and I want to try to finish it, there's about 55% left of the pan. I also want to use up the pink shadow and I think there's about 80% of shadow remaining. These are colours I wear frequently but tend to use them from lots of different palettes.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pink Crystals 21
I have never used up a lip gloss before - I used to keep them for years (eww) and now I keep them until they smell bad or I bin them after having a cough, cold or flu to prevent re-infection. This is a nice everyday peach/clear shade that I've had for ages so needs to be used up and it will go with everything. Currently there's 80% of product left.

Sleek Foundation in Barley 
It's taken me about 5 months to use up 33% of the product, and I hope to use it up before spring as this is actually not the right shade for me, it's a little too dark and orange for my skin tone. I can get away with wearing this in the winter and at night time but not for the light sunny days of spring.

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