Friday, 13 March 2015

6 TV Shows To Binge Watch On Amazon Instant Video/ Prime

Devious Maids 
This show centres around the lives of five maids working in the houses of the rich and famous. Flora, one of the maids,is murdered at a party held at socialite Evelyn and Adrian's house. Marasol (Ana Ortiz from Ugly Betty) a former professor decides to work undercover as a maid in order to clear her son who is accused of Flora's murder. The other maids are Rosie a sweet idealistic young window who works for the self absorbed actress Peri Westmore and her long suffering husband,soap star Spence Westmore. Zoila and her teenage daughter Valentina both work for wealthy long time friend Genevieve Delatour and her son Remi. Valentina dreams of becoming a fashion designer someday and also has a crush on Remi. Sultry and ambitious Carmen has dreams of becoming a singer and has managed to get a job working as a maid for the successful singer Alejandro Rubio. If you enjoyed  Desperate Housewives you'd enjoy this.

Spooks is an action drama/thriller about  British MI5 agents/spies working in Thames House London. Spooks used contemporary socio-political events and terrorist threats as story lines, such as Al Qaeda and Iran. As well as the dangers of the job, the show also illustrates the moral dilemmas MI5 officers face as well as the red tape that occurs. The show is action packed and pretty realistic. What I liked about the show was that the writers weren't afraid of killing off the main characters which made the show less predictable and that each series had an overriding story-arc as it's focus.

One Tree Hill
When I first heard about OTH I dismissed it as another American high school drama but I fell in love with the show. The main characters are two half brothers Nathan (James Laffety) from a wealthy two parent family and Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) raised by single mum Karen without any financial support, although both are close to uncle Keith. Dan (father of both brothers) constantly berates Lucus, Keth and Karen on a regular basis and pits Nathan against Lucus when they try out for the school's basketball team. Their rivalry grows when Lucas is interested in Peyton, Nathan's girlfriend and in retaliation Nathan becomes interested in Lucas's best friend Hayley. Gradually Nathan and Lucas's relationship changes from animosity to friendship. I absolutely love Lucas for being so kind and for taking care of people and feel that Lucas and later Nathan become really good male role models. Plus Lucus is hot and Nathan is also good looking. The soundtrack is brilliant, the eclectic mix introduced me to Citizen Cope, Band of Horses, The Wreckers, Trespassers William and reminded me how good Feeder is. The soundtrack also showcases the singers in the show Hayley (Bethany Joy Lenz/ Everly) Chris (Tyler Hilton) and Mia (Kate Voegele.)

Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy is a  medical drama that follows a group of surgical interns and residents as they cope with various medical traumas alongside their personal lives, and is every bit as gripping as ER. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) is the lead character and the introduction is often narrated from her point of view.Her complicated relationships with both her parents have made her pessimistic but her compassion and skills as a doctor stop her from being completely jaded. Grey's Anatomy also a pun on the medical textbook Gray's Anatomy.  This is addictive drama with top notch quality acting from all the cast.

While at college Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) is approached by someone claiming to work for the C.I.A and offered a job. Sydney is assigned to SD-6, a "black ops" section of the CIA and becomes a field agent. Unable to reveal her real job Sydney tells friends and family she works for a (very demanding) bank who expect her to make last minute international business trips and come in to work at all hours. In the pilot episode Sydney confides in her fiancĂ© Danny that she is a spy. The consequence of telling an outsider about the existence of SD-6, is that SD-6 kill him. Her father (who also works at SD-6) reveals that SD-6 is actually an international organised crime group and enemy of  America and the C.I.A. Sydney becomes a double agent like her father, determined to destroy SD-6 from the inside. This fast paced action show sees Sydney in many disguises and the complicated relationship Sydney has with her father and colleagues within SD-6 means allegiances are constantly changing. Her C.I.A handler Michael Vaughn played by Michael Vartan is pretty easy on the eye too!

Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) is a homicide investigator at Portland police department. His dying aunt visits him and tries to warn him of his heritage as a Grimm and the creatures that will soon be after him. Around this time Nick realises he can see people transform into monsters when he looks at them a 'gift' that no one else has, realising that creatures from fairy tales actually exist. Grimms are guardians that hunt mythological creatures (Wesen) to protect humanity. However after meeting reformed wesen Monroe, Nick learns that not all things are black and white, that some wesen can be good and essentially harmless. Nick struggles to balance this new Grimm life with his normal life, keeping the Grimm part a secret to most people. Along with his partner Detective Hank Griffin and Monroe providing the supernatural background, Nick battles the wesen creatures that he encounters on his murder cases. A show that merges cop drama with fantasy.

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