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Finish 5 for Cinco de Mayo Challenge 6 week Update

It's time for a March update on my Finish 5 by Cinco De Mayo Challenge. I'm posting this a day early on the 4th as I usually post on Wednesdays rather than Thursdays and I'm trying to be more consistent.
The Finish 5 by Cinco De Mayo is a challenge started by Megan +megsmakeup8. The challenge involves choosing 5 products to finish by May 5th 2015. You can see the first post on this here. I started the challenge on January 21st 2015 (two weeks later than the offical start on January 5th.)

All 5 Items- 5 by Cinco De Mayo Start (January 21st 2015)

All 5 items-  6 Week Update March 4th 2015

Since I started it's fair to say that I don't seem to be doing well so far! What with trying products out for the blog I've hardly been reaching for my Finish 5 items- I'm not sure if I've been a little bit ambitious in some of the products I chose. Anyway here is a run down of where I am.

Sleek Foundation

I have been using this 2-3 times a week which is as often as I'll wear make up so I have been using this regularly and you can see a difference in the pan- I'm not sure it'll be all gone by May though! I will be doing a more in-depth review of this foundation soon.

Revlon Lip Gloss

I've only used this twice so far. I used to be such a lip gloss girl but I think this blog has turned me into a lipstick lady, judging by the lipsticks I've acquired. I used to have like 8 and wear just one or two and now it's more like 20 something! It just feels more sophisticated somehow. Back to the lip gloss at hand, you know when some lip glosses look like they have some pigment to them only to be disappointed that it's really a clear gloss? Well this certainly has colour, it's a pretty peach colour perfect for spring and summer. I chose to use this up as I thought it would be fairly neutral and go with more looks. It does taste and smell of vanilla but it's not overpowering, thank goodness. Texture wise it does feel sticky on the lips, so if you have long hair I would tie it up on windy Spring days to avoid lip gloss sticking to flyaway hair. If you hate sticky lip glosses then this is not for you.

ELF Cream Blusher and Contour Duo

I've used this cream blusher three times so far but from the photos you can't really see a difference in the amount used. It is better than I thought it was, I remember thinking that it was tacky after being applied to the skin but actually it isn't sticky at all. It is a great colour that probably suits almost everyone, it gives a pretty pink colour to the cheeks. The only let down is that it doesn't last all day. Some make up artists recommend 'locking in' cream blushers by applying powder over the top in the same way that you powder over your foundation to set it. I've never bothered with this and as long as it's not really humid, building up a sweat exercising and as long as the blusher has a fair bit of pigment I never really find the need to. I also worry powder over cream risks looking a bit it over the top which is easily done with blusher. Having sensitive skin I found no issues using this cream blusher.

No.7 Eye shadow & Blush Compact

I had such confidence that I would be using this up like there's no tomorrow, but I admit I've only used this about three or four times. You can't tell from the photo at all, there's barely any difference! Seeing that I've hit pan on the gold made me think doing so on the pink would be easy, especially as I used to wear pink a lot. But since I haven't been sleeping well lately I've been avoiding pink in case it emphasised my morning red eyes.

No 7 cream eye shadow in Fudge

I've only worn this once so far. I haven't taken a before and after picture because of the colour of the tube means you won't see any difference. It's a small tube, but I'm not sure if it's deceptively small and could take longer to use up, I do hope to use it all up by May. The eye shadow itself makes brown eyes pop it's beautiful. No 7 have redesigned the packaging so that the cream eye shadow comes in a lip gloss style tube with a doe foot applicator, but I think the formula is exactly the same.

So that's the two month update round up. I hope to do better next month and make a conscious effort to use these products much more regularly.

Have any of you attempted any Make Up Challenges- such as project pan or 5 by Cinco, 5 by Fall etc? Let me know in the comments-I'd love to know how you did and what it was like.

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