Monday, 30 March 2015

What I've been up to this Month: March Favourites

I thought I'd write about what I have been up to lately so that you guys could get to know me a bit better. This month I've been loving the show Drop Dead Diva. The show starts with model Deb who is engaged to lawyer Greyson, but gets killed in a car crash. When she arrives in the holding area in heaven she decides to press the return button on the computer. This sends her soul back to earth but in someone else's body. In the body of Jane a smart lawyer, who happens to be plus size. Her guardian angel Fred is sent after her so that Deb maintains Jane's life. Jane also has to work alongside Greyson who is mourning his fiancé Deb. While the show has been criticised for implying Deb's old life as model was better than her current life as the plus size smart lawyer, I feel like that Deb just pines after her old life and in particular her family, and that it takes her a long time to adjust and appreciate her new one. The show tackles the issues of weight in the court cases, wanting to sue a store for not stocking clothes for larger women and when she defends a women who was fired from her job for putting on weight. The lead is played by Natalie Hall who has a wonderful singing voice with cameos from Kim Kardashian and Paula Abdul. Some of the show's crazy court cases remind me a little of Ally Mcbeal, but what I love about this show is it's heart. I also like the fact that there's generally two court cases in each episode so you don't get bored or so many you're confused. It's currently on Amazon instant Video.

This month also saw the Season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars which I've been hooked on since the get go. This series hyped the big reveal of the identity of A, the person who has been torturing a group of five high school girls and murdering a few other people along the way. However while we found out the name of A, we weren't quite sure of their true identity. I guess the show couldn't give us all the answers to this mystery as there's still another two series left. It's still gripping as always so if you haven't seen it I'd recommend watching it! It's available on Netflix & itunes.

I've also been listening to Sia's latest album 1000 Forms of Fear, she is an amazing talent and so is Maddie Ziegler who features in some of her videos. I never caught Dance Moms, the TV show that made Maddie famous, but she is incredibly talented. I also picked up an Anastacia's self titled album (2004) and been really impressed, my favourite tracks are Sick and Tired and Left Outside Alone.

I've almost completed a course on Cyber Security, a free course with the Open University. It's an 8 week online course and if you're interested and have the time I really recommend it. The course is run by Cory Doctorow, and involves learning how the hacks in Playstation and Target security breach happened as well as practical ways to protect your computer from viruses and trojans and yourself from identity theft. I might write a post covering some of the main points.

This month I've also discovered Fig and Hazelnut bread from Marks and Spencer (in store) which is absolutely delicious, if you're interested you can also find a recipe for it here (though it's not the same as M&S's version.) I've also be wanting to try out Cupcake toothpaste from Flamingo, which I found out about through Fee from Make up Savvy when she tweeted that she was trying it out- you can see her review here of it here.

Let me know your favourites this month in the comments below.

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