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Benefit Cosmetics Benetint and Laugh With Me Lee Lee EDT Review

For Christmas my friend gave me a Benefit set that included The Porefessional primer, They're Real mascara (which I've already reviewed here) as well as Benetint and a sample sized Laugh with me Lee Lee EDT perfume.

Benetint is one of the most well known liquid lip and cheek stains. As you can see it's in a glass bottle and the lid contains a brush applicator similar to a nail polish brush. This makes application really easy and mess free. Benefit say that you should paint three strokes on each check and then use your fingers to blend the blush on the skin. The blush is a pinkish red, Benefit calls it 'rose tinted' and it would suit most skin tones, though I'm not sure if it would show up on black skin tones. I have tanned, olive skin and it shows up on me fine. Once applied the colour reminds me of a Snow White natural rosy blush. Benetint also smells like rosewater but once it's dried on the cheeks you can't the smell anything and my sensitive skin did not react to any of the ingredients. It can be applied to bare skin too. It dries fairly quickly on the skin, but not so quickly that blending is a race against time, and once it's set it won't budge. However I did find that this tended to fade a little towards the end of the day which is disappointing for a stain. You could lock the product in with a similar powder blush if you didn't want to reapply during the day. However it's a small bottle that's not heavy and is packaged in such as way that it would be easy to apply on the go.

On the lips Benetint gives a 'my lips but better' pinky red matte look.You can use the Benetint brush to paint in your lips but I found that this tickled and so I often used a lip brush instead. Benetint can be built up in layers. I would recommend moisturising your lips with a light lip balm to prevent the stain clinging to dry parts and looking like your lips are bleeding. It has a rose flavoured salty taste. If you're lucky it may last through a drink but definitely doesn't last through a snack or a meal. The lasting power is disappointing.
The bottle contains 12.5 ml of product and while you don't need to use much per blush application , if you're using this on both cheek and lips you would get through this fairly quickly. I feel that £24.50 is expensive for how much product you get. Benetint has it's place, it was one of the first liquid blush and lip stains and the packaging is super convenient. However while this does it's job (although the lasting power is sub par in my opinion) I don't feel this is a 'must have', I don't really get the hype around this product. You can buy Benetint at Benefit Cosmetics and Boots.

Laugh With Me Lee Lee EDT 

Laugh With Me Lee Lee is a floral, fruity scent that's light and woody. It's a blend of citrus, jasmine and lily blossom, amber and blonde wood which keeps the scent fresh and not too sweet. I love the smell of Jasmine which you definitely smell in this perfume but it isn't overpowering. Laugh with Me Lee Lee is feminine and light, perfect for daytime, spring and summer evenings. The scent isn't strong so it's great for my asthma but the scent doesn't last all day, I'd say it lasts about 7 or 8 hours so you would need another spritz during the day. On Benefit Cosmetics website they mention that their fragrances are "blendable" allowing you to mix fragrance to suit your mood or occasion, which explains why they are light rather than heavy scents. I really like this scent and would repurchase, the price however is on par with DNKY and more expensive than some of the GHOST perfumes priced at £29.50. Available here at Benefit Cosmetics.

Benefit cosmetics perfumes EDT

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