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Street Art in Croydon's Arts Quarter Part 2

Rise Gallery has helped to create Croydon's Art Quarter by inviting street artists from around the world to brighten up the streets. The Arts Quarter extends to the surrounding streets that include Park Street, Katherine Street and Park Lane. 

DanK (Park Street)

Dan Kitchener aka DanK is a Street artist, painter, illustrator and animator. I have seen similar urban night -time scenes painted in acrylics in art galleries before but I love that this was done in spray paint. His 'liquid lights' pieces are dynamic and colourful.  He has painted similar pieces in Camden Town as well so if you're in the area check them out. He loves the scale of street graffiti and is inspired by comics, trains, watching the scenery and different moods. He has worked for Sir Paul McCartney, Kylie, Calvin Harris, Il Divo, Carlsberg, MTV, ITV and Ministry Of Sound.

Street Art in Croydon's Art Quarter Part 2
Street Art in Croydon Art's Quarter part 2
Street art in Croydon's Art Quarter part 2
Street Art in Croydon Arts Quarter part 2 
Dan Kitchner Graffiti artist
DanK graffiti artist South London
View from across the street


Aero is a London graffiti artist. His interest in graffiti art started in the mid 90′s, discovering graffiti on his train journeys. There were full colour pieces on track-side walls inspired by the 80's graffiti phenomenon, bringing neglected surroundings to life. He is also involved in youth work, his company Aero Arts facilitate art programmes to help engage young people to be creative and encourage the community to take ownership of redundant spaces around them Below are two animal themed murals- I love the bright colours and imagery.

Park Street

street art in croydon art's quarter part 2

St Georges Walk
Street art in croydon Art's Quarter part 2

Ink Fetish (Park Steet)

Ink Fetish aka Tom Blackford is a London illustrator, muralist and  painter. Ink Fetish refers to the times Blackford used to ink his own Japanese inspired comics when he was younger before he discovered graffiti art. His style consists of colourful cartoon, dream like murals. He has worked for Vanity Fair, Manga Entertainment, Microsoft and Nike.

Street art in Croydon's Art Quarter part 2
SkyHigh (Park Street)

Skyhigh have been running urban art workshops across London and the south east since 2004, promoting graffiti as a positive art form. Skyhigh's style consist of intricate letters and cartoons, though the piece below has elements of realism.  The shark below fits right in with Fio Silva's snake and Aero's Owl on the same street.

street art in Croydon's Art Quarter part 2

  Morgazmik ( Katherine Street)

Morgazmik aka Morgan Davy is a painter, printer and poet from South London. His style combines geometric shapes with "techno-organic free flowing formations of curvaceous-linear marks that are prominent within nature" to "give a free-style colourful abstract outcome."

Street Art in Croydon's Art Quarter Part 2

Eska ( Katherine Street)

Eska is a 3D graffiti artist who is based in London, UK. Originally he is from South Poland.  He is now known worldwide for his curved but sharp 3D graffiti.

Street art in croydon's art quarter part 2

Mr Cenz

Mr Cenz aka Julian Phethean is a London based graffiti artist and youth worker. He discovered graffiti in the 80's through hip hop culture and the book 'Subway Art.' He had his first commission at 11 years old to paint a primary school. After studying art university he qualified as a youth worker and used graffiti art as a tool for challenging behaviour. He set up Positive Arts’ in 1998 to empower and inspire young people through street art, working with local councils, probation services, hospitals, charities, youth centres, and schools. His artwork consists of layers of intricate and flowing letterforms shapes, photorealism and  illustration. His influences include graffiti artists Dondi and Mode 2 to abstract expressionist painters Paul Klee and Roger Hilton. Lately his work concentrates on female faces from portraits and fashion photography abstracted in a dynamic way. I am completely in love with his work which you can see on his website.

Park Lane

Street art in croydon's art croydon part 2

St Georges Walk

Street art in croydon art quarter part 2

Tizer(id) (Park Lane)

Tizerid aka Ed Tizer is a London based graffiti artist, illustrator, experienced youth worker, DJ and owner of Intercity Decorators. He has been involved in graffiti since 1988 and writing as Tizer since 1996. Unfortunately he had to redo this mural after it was ruined by tagging  His original piece was over two walls but when I photographed this there was only one wall remaining but  you can see the full piece here taken by Alex Ellison.

street art in croydon's art quarter

Adam Green (Park Lane)

Adam Green replaced Tizer's mural.Green has used the 1920's art deco building as his influence for his mural. I think the building was a cinema but it's now boarded up. It's a nice touch having the couple on the bottom as it looks like they've just climbed up the stairs to the building. There's also a 70's deco inspired lampshade as the sun.  

Graffiti in croydon arts quarter

Francesco Jacobello- Medusa  (Park Lane )
Francesco Jacobello was born in Militello in Val Di Catania, Sicily. He is influenced by the Italian Classics, but likes to give them " the urban feel of contemporary practices in the present art world." In the mural below he took inspiration from Greek Mythology for his modern day Medusa.

Street art in croydon part 2

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