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The Netflix Tag

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This tag was created by Annie Writes Beauty (though I first spotted it on Becka Sheperd's blog and Flutter and Sparkle)  I'd thought I'd share my answers and hope you enjoy it!

1. All Time Favourite

So far I've watched Lie To Me, Once Upon A Time and Sense and Sensibility, but my favourite TV series has got to be Pretty Little Liars. PLL begins with the disappearance of queen bee Alison Dilaurentis. Her friends Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily soon become the target of threatening texts and blackmail over their innermost secrets. These texts and the scary situations the girls find themselves in are masterminded by someone called A, but they've yet to work out who A actually is.
As for my favourite films I couldn't find any available on Netflix right now but my favourites include Dirty Dancing 2 Havana nights, Singin in the Rain, A Room With A View, The Motorcycle Diaries and Step Up 4.

2. Currently Watching and Current Addiction

My current addiction is definitely Prison Break. The show begins with Lincoln Burrows being framed for murder by a group known as The Company. His brother Michael Schofield is determined to break him out of prison. It then becomes a game of cat and mouse between The Company and the brothers. It's addictive because they always finish each episode on such great cliff hangers. I'm also watching Charmed and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries which is a detective drama set in Australia during the twenties- it's a little like Poirot.

3. On your wish list

It would have to be Hart of Dixie, the first two seasons were shown on the UK Really channel but then they dropped it despite the show running for four seasons in the U.S. Hart of Dixie is about Zoe Hart (played by Rachel Bilson) a New York surgeon who is told to improve her beside manner. When she relocates to small town Bluebell in Alabama to be a family doctor, it's definitely is a learning curve for her. Sweet but entertaining rom com I really liked this show. Also I haven't seen all the series of Smallville the show about Superman's teenage years that stars Tom Welling. Also I wouldn't mind seeing Round The Twist or Alex Mac just to reminisce about my childhood!

4. Net Peeve

The US packages also include dvds and they get much wider choice and see shows earlier than in the UK which is annoying. The main problem, though it hasn't happened to me yet, is watching a series and then it's taken off before you've finished watching them all, because the licence for that show has expired.

5. Marathon Essentials

A duvet or sofa and I would say chocolate (like black it goes with everything) but am trying not to eat sweet things at the moment.

6. You Should Watch

Lie to Me, a friend recommended this and I really liked it. It's about Cal Lightman a body language and deception expert. His company The Lightman Group are hired in various situations such as finding out if a criminal has truly reformed, investigating cover ups, identifying terrorists and murderers. Great acting, storylines and I liked the relationships between Cal and his daughter Emily and business Partner Dr Gillian Foster. Another show I would recommend is Sherlock, the BBC has successfully brought Sherlock into the modern age of mobiles, twitter and nicotine patches. Benedict Cumberbatch is perfect as the socially awkward genius Sherlock Holmes.

Further recommendations: If you like period dramas I'd recommend Mr Selfridge and The Paradise. I'd also recommend Gossip Girl and Revenge.

What I love about Netflix...
  • It's affordable entertainment that costs less per month than the price of one ticket to the cinema.
  • It's given me an appreciation for black and white films. I had watched a few black and white films before but not many. After watching Hitchcock's Rear Window, Vertigo and The Lady Vanishes on Netflix I liked them so much I decide that one of my goals is to watch all of his films- all 50 of them! It gave me a taste of film noir when I watched Sorry Wrong Number, Double Indemnity and No Man Of Her Own. Film Noir was featured  a lot in my favourite show Pretty Little Liars but I never really connected with it apart from the episode where all the characters were in a Film Noir of their own. I also loved the dialogue in His Girl Friday which is about a man called Walter Burns a newspaper editor who finds out his ex-wife and former staff reporter Hildy, is about to marry a boring insurance man and he tries everything to get her back. Hildy is rather like Lois Lane the unstoppable journalist in Superman and the two stars have great chemistry and although I to use the expression have 'great banter' together.
  • Foreign Language TV shows. I don't mind films with subtitles so many of them have been my favourites at one time of another (Amelie, The Motorcycle Diaries, Spirited Away.)  But I never really got an opportunity to watch foreign language TV shows until I subbed to Netflix. I've been loving their Spanish shows, the stand out, binge watch shows include Las Chicas Del Cable (Cable Girls), The Grand Hotel and Ingobernable. 

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