Friday, 21 August 2015

Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo Mega Instant Review

Dry Shampoo

There are three dry shampoos in Aussie's Miracle range: Aussome Volume for bigger hair, colour mate for dyed hair and finally Mega instant which I'm reviewing today. Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo Mega Instant is for normal or greasy hair and promises to 'ward off' grease and revive your hair.  While the normal Aussie shampoos are priced slightly more expensively than other brands, their dry shampoo range is cheaper. They are all available in two sizes: 65ml for £2.29 and 180ml for £4.71. When I went to buy this the 180ml was the only size in stock but price wise £4.71 is pretty much an average price for a dry shampoo.

Aussie Mega Instant is the first dry shampoo I've tried. As a teenager I developed and still have hair that gets greasy really quickly and dry shampoos would have been a lifesaver back then. My hair tends to get greasy roots and be dry at the ends.  Generally it gets greasy the day after washing my hair on day 2 and 3. I usually wash my hair every other day (day 3). Also I am a dark brunette and wanted to avoid any obvious white powder/spray left in my hair that sometimes happens with dry shampoos.

Aussie's Miracle Dry Shampoo smells gorgeous (sweet and fruity) as all Aussie hair products do, it's kind of their trademark. It contains Jojoba seed extract which has been used for centuries by the indigenous Australians to naturally condition hair. Before you use the shampoo you have to shake the can, spray into roots from about 30cm away, massage in and brush out well. The spray is fine, it's not sticky and is easy to wash out.

The first time I used this was on day 7 hair (7 days after washing my hair) so my hair was extremely greasy. I sprayed a lot into my roots but the dry shampoo did absolutely nothing and I even ended up with white bits like dandruff in my hair. I put it down to my hair being too greasy for it to work and maybe I got carried away with the spraying. The next time I tried this was on day 3 hair when it was due for a wash. I sprayed much less and made sure I was spraying 30cm away. Holding the can 30cm away is much further than I would naturally hold a can of hairspray. While I didn't get the dandruff effect this time, the shampoo still did not soak up any grease or look any different. The spray was initially dry then it became wet as I was massaging in to my hair. The third time I used this I sprayed 8 times. Four at 90 degrees around my head and four over the top and I made sure to hold the can 30cm away.  My hair did not look or feel any better. On the fourth attempt I sprayed 6 times into my roots on day 3 hair. I waited for a minute before I began massaging it into my roots and I waited another minute for the dry shampoo to work to see if this would help before I brushed it out. Unfortunately there was absolutely no difference to the feel or look of my hair.

I have thick hair and although this could work for somebody else (without thick hair), I really wouldn't recommend it at all, it was very disappointing. The good points are the nice fragrance and the fact that it does not leave white dandruff marks in dark hair. But ultimately it comes down to whether the product works and does what it claims to- and unfortunately this does not, so don't waste your money.

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