Sunday, 23 August 2015

Champney's Perfect Pedicure Intensive Foot Butter Review

Foot butter directions
Champey's Perfect Pedicure Intensive Foot Butter swatch
When it comes to summer my dry and rather neglected feet need some pampering to be sandal ready. Champney's Intensive foot butter claims to leave your feet moisturised and soft, just what my feet need and can be used all year round. It usually comes in a 200ml tub but mine is in a tube from a Champney's gift set. It contains shea and olive butter, ingredients known for their moisturising properties, as well as vitamin E, orange and peppermint essential oils. It smells mainly of peppermint comes out as a light blue/green mousse. This foot butter is dermatologically tested and fairly gentle, it did not cause any irritation to my sensitive skin. (I also suffer from eczema too but did not apply it on those parts.) Although it took awhile to absorb into the skin and dry (about 10 minutes) it did leave my feet softer and moisturised. It's not a very heavy cream but left my feet feeling very moisturised, much more than I expected and so I would say it's an 'intensive foot butter' level of treatment. You don't need to use much, the amount of product on my hand in the photo above was enough for both feet.  The peppermint gives a very slight tingly refreshed feeling after applying. If you suffer from hot or swollen feet in the summer this will cool you down and pamper your feet at the same time. In the autumn and winter this can be used as an intensive overnight treatment under socks. It's a cheap but effective at moisturising your feet and leave them feeling soft and one that I would repurchase and recommend to others. Champney's Foot Butter retails for £8 in Boots and Champneys online.

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