Monday, 24 August 2015

BEAUTY TRENDS- The Bubble Nail - A Do or Don't?

Bubble nails have actually been around since 2009 but it's only recently that bubble nails have become more popular, appearing on Instagram feeds and sent many others copying the trend.
Bubble nails are created by layering lots of layers of acrylic in the middle of the nail to create a 3D dome or bump on the nail. Basically they look like half a marble stuck onto a nail. The difference in nail length separates the two similar styles: when the nail is kept short these are called Bubble nails and when nail tips are longer they're called hump nails. Bright colours, patterns and jewels are then painted on to finish the manicure.

examples of bubble nails from instagram
Top left Enderkate4 Top Right Mermissues Bottom Left Nailedxlucy_  Bottom right- Nails by Ann
Generally both Bubble and Hump nails have to be done at a salon and since bubble nail manicures aren't covered in beauty school, nail technicians have developed their own techniques by trial and error and online tutorials such as those on Youtube. Neither styles are recommended to be worn for too long as the huge amount of acrylic can damage the nail. However celebrity nail artist Pattie Yankee says hump nails are safer for the nail because the ball of acrylic can be balance on the natural stress points. The nail on the bottom left was done by adding false nail to the bubble tip so it curled over.
Examples of hump nails from instagram
Top Right and Bottom Right Nails by Ann. Top left Body Wrap Mona Bottom left Aesthetic beauty Liverpool
To me this fashion trend was made for Lady Gaga and fans, I'm not sure if Kylie Jenner will be joining in and I've yet to see these nails in real life. I would imagine basic everyday tasks like  texting, tying shoe laces and applying makeup and creams would be difficult with bubble or hump manicures! What do you think are they a do or don't?  

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