Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Avon Mega Effects Mascara Review

I know Avon Mega Effects Mascara  has been out for awhile but I've only recently un boxed and finally used it. This got a lot of hype for being 'revolutionary' because the mascara brush is unique- I'd describe it as a cross between a Afro style comb and a library date stamp.

To open you pull apart the cap, then you pull the handle of the brush out (Avon recommends rocking the brush from side to side to pull it out) then you can bend the brush to whatever angle you want, then brush upwards and outwards to your lashes. According to Avon this unique brush 'Provides panoramic volume and corner to corner coverage for dramatic definition.'

While some 'it' mascaras are purchased once due to the initial buzz around a gimmick but then dropped for the next hyped mascara or for the buyer's usual holy grail,  I can see myself repurchasing this because the gimmick  actually improves the application of mascara. It is brilliant for separating lashes and coating each one, essentially a mascara brush and comb in one. You can easily angle the brush to any angle you wish which makes the process of applying easier. Although you do need to be careful you don't pull the brush too far  upwards  as you will end up with smudges on your eyelid. This is easily solved by placing a card behind the lashes (so the card gets excess mascara instead of your skin.) It can also be applied to lower lashes. This mascara performs almost as well as Benefit's They're real mascara in lengthening the appearance of lashes.

   No Mascara

   Two Coats of Mascara

    Three coats of mascara

This is a wet formula which doesn't flake, it's sweat proof. Despite the brush eyelashes can sometimes clump together and you have to be careful about smudges on application especially as this is a wet formula. It does hold a curl throughout the day (although I haven't curled my lashes in the photos above and I just wanted to demonstrate what it looks like with just this mascara.) This shade 'Blackest black' is very pigmented, but other shades are also available brown-black and navy for those who prefer a subtle or brighter colour, navy could be used to enhance a blue eye make up look.Avon Mega Effects Mascara contains more product (9mls) compared to No 7 mascaras (7m.l) Unfortunately this mascara isn't waterproof

It still takes a few seconds longer to recognise where my mascara is when I'm in auto-pilot in the morning or when i'm in a rush because of the unique packaging, but I'm impressed with the mascara and would definitely recommend it. At £10 it's a good price for such a unique and good quality mascara, Avon could have increased the price for it's innovative USP but its the same price as their other mascaras and high street prices. Currently this mascara is on sale at £7 (Uk Avon Website) here.

To sum up I would give this 4 out of 5.


  1. I've wondered about this since it first came out. You've convinced me to give this a try.

    1. Let me know what you think! nikki x


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