Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case

The Urban Decay Anarchy Face Palette is a lot smaller than I imagined from photos i'd seen online, it actually measures 5 inches long and 2.5 inches across and under 1 inch deep. It is compact and contains almost everything you need and is light and easy to travel, just fling it in your bag and you're ready to go. It's perfect for weekends, overnight stays and impromptu nights or drinks out.

The case is so pretty, the front has a baroque style patterned background and a matte silver Urban Decay logo above on top. Both layers have a mirror in the lids which is handy. Often in palettes the lip products end up with crumbs and flecks of eye shadow in them but because this is a lip pencil this problem is avoided

Eye shadows
A nice selection of colours, with 3 heavily glitter shades, one slightly glitter and one matte shade.
 Vapourize, Provocateur and Revolt do have lots if fall out when applied. Revolt and provocateur also tend to apply unevenly. I was disappointed with Fray the only matte shadow is difficult to swatch and work with it's very chalky and difficult to show up. This was a shame as Urban Decay usually do good matte shadows. Redemption has no fall out, is pigmented and easy to use. You could use Fray and Redemption for work and also a grey/silver smokey eye for going out. 

24/7 eyeliner in Perversion (Travel sized.)
 I have heard a lot of good things about this eyeliner and was just a tiny bit disappointed, In my mind 24/7 meant waterproof which it's not (despite Debenhams description) As a standard eyeliner it's good, it has a lot of slip so it applies smoothly and easily. It lasted a 12 hour day and was ok to wear with contact lenses.

I would say it's similar texture to Barry M's eyeliner but with a little more creamier and with  less slip, which enables more precision when lining close to the lashes. I tend to angle it close to the lashes for a fine line and it's very easy and comfortable to apply because it's so creamy. I'm glad it's included in this palette as it pulls the eye looks together, but I don't think this beats my HG Soap and Glory Smolder eye liner because that is truly waterproof and £10 cheaper.I would recommend this to those who find lining eyes hard because it is so creamy and literally 'glides on.' As for the colour it is a richly pigmented jet black. It's not an automatic wind up eye liner and does require sharpening but I prefer that so you can get a fine point.

Blushes and highlighter- 

The blushers are fairly big a good size in such a small palette. 

Fetish: This is a more natural shade in the palette and would suit most skin tones. It's very pigmented so you don't need much.
Quickie; In the pan this looks almost neon, it is heavily pigmented so a light hand is needed, I would suggest applying it with a fan brush or a brush that doesn't pick up tons of product.

The highlighter in Craze reminds me of sleeks highlighter in the light shade but a bit lighter it's very illuminating and fairly natural when applied. The colour is warm and would suit those who are tanned and olive toned. I feel that this would suit most people but if you are cool toned and prefer silver/pink highlighters you may not like this. The size of the highlighter could be bigger.

Super-Saturated Lip Pencil in Scandal (Limited Edition)
This was the reason I bought the palette, the colour, a blue based raspberry shade. The shade is actually redder in person although it looks pinker in the photographs. The lip pencil is similar to Nars lip pencil in the way that they are very pigmented and more like a lipstick or gloss rather than a lip pencil that's like a balm or a stain. It's like a shiny lipstick with a slight of metallic look about it. It's not at all sticky. I felt the lip pencil was easy to apply, but will need sharpening for accuracy and a mirror.  Since it's a jumbo pencil a big pencil sharpener can be found at The Body Shop here. A twist up pencil would be better because, product wouldn't be wasted in the shavings. It isn't drying and feels comfortable to wear. It's lasts through a drink and snack but not through a meal. 6g For a lip gloss the staying power isn't bad but it won't leave a stain once it's worn off.

To sum up I like the fact that everything is in one place and that the colours go together. I love the fact it's so compact and portable and the packaging is so pretty. I would say for me the hits were the blushes, highlighter and lip pencil and the misses were the eye shadows (though still usable). I think the only thing missing from this palette is the mascara, but then the palette would have to be a little bigger. If you like glittery eye shadows or pigmented blushes this is for you, and I highly recommend the Lip pencil. Urban Decay Anarchy palette is currently on sale at Debenhams at  £21 (previously £30)

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