Friday, 27 June 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lip Colour Review

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lip Colours are a cheaper alternative to YSL's  kiss and blush.
Bourjois state that they are of 'light texture, extreme comfort, (with) 24 hour hold.' Continuing the liquid lipstick matte trend Boujois have launched their version in bright colours for the summer season.

I bought a blue based pink ole' flamingo 05, the perfect name for this colour!
The packaging looks very sleek and compact (3 inches long/ 7.5cm) with 6.7ml of product. The formula is thicker and creamier than other liquid lipsticks. The wand is shorter than average with a soft but thicker doe foot applicator which feels like velvet...excuse the pun.  For precision It's worth drawing the outline with a thin lip brush especially as it's so bright.

The formula takes awhile to dry compared to other mattes lip colour such as MUA Luxe, it took about 5-7  minutes to dry The smell is ever so slightly like a cardboard car air fresher but doesn't really taste of anything. This is comfortable  on the lips it's non drying and feels thick and smooth when applied. This survived a meal and drink which really impressed me but when I ate a nectarine the colour transferred and wiped off. Generally it  wears off  evenly which is good.

I've compared this to MUA Luxe Funk- ole' Flamingo is brighter, lighter and bluer in hue

To sum up,  despite the fact it takes a while to dry I like this, particularly as it survived a meal and doesn't smell or taste of  anything. I have my eye on 07 Nudist, the only nude liquid lipstick I have is Rimmel's Apocolips which to me tastes horrible so it would be nice to have something else in my collection.

There are 3 others not pictured  02 Franboise, 07 Nudist, 08 Grand Cru


  1. Wow, these look stunning! I definitely need to see if I can find them in the us.

  2. You may be able to find them on eBay or a swap but I know bourjois isn't easy to get hold of in the US. I'm jealous you have sephora though!

  3. Which one is better? Mua luxe or Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet ? :)

    1. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet- it lasts longer.


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