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Downton Abbey Lip Gloss Collection Review

The Downton Abbey packaging is well presented looking both traditional and upmarket tying in with the television series. The quote from the series ' Now stop talking and kiss me before I get cross' is a nice touch. Each tube is stamped with a gold Downton Abbey monogram which looks fairly classy. The tubes are good quality thick  plastic that is  transparent so that you see the colour of the gloss inside and have black  caps. While the tubes themselves aren't very delicate or ornate the simple design looks sophisticated and I would imagine helps keep the price down. Each gloss contains 4ml and works out at approximately £3.17 each. These are labelled as cruelty free (not tested on animals.) The wand brush is stiffer than in other lip glosses I've used, so I'd recommend softening them by running under warm water before using them for the first time. These colours are very wearable for all ages basically there is a red, nude and pink.

I would describe these as pigmented sheer lip glosses which sounds like a contradiction but what I mean is that while the colours are not as strong as the colours in the tube they are lighter and sheerer, however unlike other 'sheer' lip glosses these are not clear glosses, aside from precious these definitely have a colour to them and all look very glossy on the lips.

These lip glosses feel non-sticky when first applied and the texture feels a bit oily.The consistency is not thick and gloopy but more fluid and light but not too thin or watery. After a drink the lip gloss felt a little sticker but this probably helped it stay though drinking and sometimes through eating nibbles. These glosses do not last through a meal. Claret wears off in the middle/inner lip but doesn't leave a  dreaded ring behind. Velvet wears around each side. Both have a tendency to stay in the lines of your lips. Precious wears evenly but you are left with sparkles and small particles of glitter. There is no discernible smell to these lip glosses although they do taste a little on the plastic side, not packed with harsh tasting chemicals  but just a little synthetic

The lightest shade contains glitter which is subtle and fine but when you press your lips together it can feel the tiniest bit gritty,but i think this is true of most glosses that have glitter in them. The other two do not contain any glitter.

Claret is a pinky raspberry red. While it doesn't make the same statement as the classic blue toned Hollywood red or a dark red wine as the name implies, it still stands out. It can be a little patchy/blotchy  when applied so bear this in mind.

Precious is described as a gold but I would say that it is more of a slightly peach tinted clear gloss with gold glistening glitter. It actually lightens the colour of my lips slightly. It was really difficult to capture this in a photograph. The glitter is very noticeable and catches the light making lips look wet and glossy. This colour would be good for balancing out heavy dark smoky eye looks.

Velvet is labelled a mauve but it seems more of a warm toned pink. On me it shows up as a my lips but better shade. This shade is difficult to apply evenly and often looks a bit blotchy when applied and could benefit from a lip liner so you need to bear this is mind when you apply it.

These lip glosses come in subtle classic colours that would suit a wide range of looks and all skin tones. The lip glosses are good value for money but are of average quality, some may be put off by the texture and taste of them. The wear time is average for a gloss but they do settle into lip lines as they wear off, Precious doesn't do this but does leave glitter behind.  If you are a big Downton Abbey fan then you can easily overlook these issues because while they are not of the highest standard nor are they the worst, I would say 2.5 /3 out of 5.

Available at Marks and Spencers £9.50.
Marks and Spencer free delivery to USA, Australia and NZ on orders over £30

You may like this if...You are a fan of Downton Abbey ,like unscented lip glosses, non sticky glosses or are on a budget. Alternatively you may like these if you like sheer glosses or a more natural look.

You may not like this if...You like scented glosses or are particular about how lip glosses feel on the lips. If you want to apply lip gloss quickly and not worry about unevenness. If you dislike glitter then the precious lip gloss won't be for you.

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