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Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows & They're Real Push Up Liner Review

R.S.V.P and Bikini-Tini


Benefit Creasless Cream Shadows
The formula of Benefit's Creaseless Cream shadows means that they do exactly as they claim, which is no mean feat for a cream eye shadow. They are easy and quick to use, a quick swipe your finger and you're good to go, perfect for rushed mornings or for eye shadow newbies. These shades are fairly shimmery/metallic, but used as a base and then paired with other powder eye shadows or a matte cream eyeshadow they can be toned down if you like. Benefit's shade No Pressure seems less shimmery than the others if that's more your style. These don't need a primer, they can be applied directly on the lids and will stay all day (at least in a British summer) and on a night out lasted me the full 7 hours. I've had R.S.V.P for a least a year, probably for two years and it hasn't dried out yet. Benefit has changed the packaging recently, still in the same glass jar only thinner and bigger than the original, which had a bird pattern on the front. The new design has a notched/serrated edge and a cream coloured plastic base but contains the same amount of product (4.5g). They also now come in this cute little circular box too, which you can see in the photo above. They are fairly pricey cream eye shadows compared to the drugstore (such as the wonderful Maybelline colour tattoos) but they are good quality eye shadows with a performance to match.
r.s.v.p and Bikini-Tini
Bikini-Tini  is a shimmery gold, great for brightening the eyes or for wearing in the summer, while R.S.V.P is a light Oyster pink that is flattering on the eyes without making them look pink and tired. Compared to MAC's Paint Pot in Bare Study, Bikini-Tini is yellow gold while Bare Study is lighter and more of a champagne colour.
Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows are £15.50 Available at Benefit Cosmetics online, Boots and department stores. 
Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner 
Benefit cosmetics they're real push up liner review

I also picked up a couple of Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner samples a while back and tested the liner over 7 days.  For Benefit's eyeliner you click the bottom of the pen until the product is pushed up and appears at the slanted nib. Then you draw across the lash line. One click is enough for one eye. The tip is made from a very soft flexible rubber material that Benefit calls an 'Accuflex' tip. Benefit claim that the Accuflex tip provides a smooth lash hugging application and that the nib draws an 'easy line.' The Accuflex tip does feel really soft against the skin, which is great since the skin near the eye is so delicate. This makes applying eye liner feel incredibly comfortable and easy since it just glides across the skin.

Yet the results I got with the samples weren't good at all. It was difficult to get a thin or medium line or a line close to the lashes and drawing cat flicks was incredibly hard. The consistency was on the dry, thick side. This meant that the results weren't smooth and some bits came out dry and balled in clumps because it had dried up between uses. Before applying I would recommend doing a test line on your hand first to get rid of any dried bits that form in between uses. However when I tried the full sized version in the store it was a lot easier to get a thin line and the consistency was much more fluid and easier to use. When you first press the eyeliner down you tend to get a thick line which gets thinner but I think with practice you can draw a line with same thickness all the way through or however you want it.

benefit cosmetics eye liner in black

The gel liner is strongly pigmented and shows up nicely. The full sized liner in the store had a very wet consistency so you have to be careful not to smudge it while waiting for it to dry. Once it had set it does last the day, there wasn't any flakiness but the colour did fade towards the end of the day.

I think I either got bad samples or that they weren't very well designed (In the full sized version the liner is kept fresh as it is stored inside the pen. In the sample the liner was kept in the nib which you had to squeeze to get product out.) You do need to practice a little to get the hang of it but props to Benefit for coming out with this unique design. It hasn't replaced my Maybelline pot gel liner as my Holy grail favourite because Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner did fade towards the end of the day, while Maybelline always remains pristine. I think if you have the money give this a go otherwise try the cheaper Maybelline gel pen first to see if you get on with a push up liner pen.

Benefit They're Real Push up liner is £18.50 from Benefit cosmetics online, boots or department store counters.

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