Friday, 12 June 2015

Femme Fiece Street Art in Croydon Part 2

Femme Fierce, the all female street art collective were invited by Rise Gallery to brighten up Croydon's town centre. Their canvases were shop shutters, walls and wooden holdings. This post focuses on the street art that can be seen on Park Street. If you missed my earlier post on Femme Fierce Street Art you can find it here.

 Artista The Cronx

Kayleigh Doughy aka Artista is an illustrator and muralist from south London. Her name Artista refers to being an artist (since the age of 4 when she won a design a Christmas card competition) as well as to her start in graffiti when she tagged as Asta. She progressed from type to characters and now paints a triangle character to represent an A.  The piece below is called The Cronx. Her style is fun with pastel colours and cartoon characters. She often uses food images such as her signature slice of toast. Recently she collaborated with Break Bike to hand paint a limited edition bike which you can buy here. She has designed laptop skins and has her own clothing line as well. In 2007 she was asked to design a skate ramp, which she spray painted. She has also won the Young Tate Prize and has had her work exhibited in the Tate Modern in 2009 and 2013. You can check out or buy her work over on her website.

Femme Fierce graffiti croydon

Fio Silva

Fio Silva is from Hurlington outside Buenos Aires, Argentina. She's creating a storm in the street art scene after winning Spring Project's international talent search to travel and paint in some of the worlds top locations. Her dynamic images of nature and animals in bright colours impressed the judges.  Fio loves "to paint animals in fusion with organic things like leaves, branches, trees … I love to paint things that are moving, they are not static things, they mutate to become that change.” She began to paint after her boyfriend died to cope with the loss. Spring Projects founder Bri Patty said  “Little by little the beautiful consolidating power of nature that she put on walls started to restore not only Fio but also the streets in her little village Hurlingham.” On her success Fio said " the sadness of why I started painting finally is transforming into dreams for better times.” You can see more of her work on her blog and in the Spring Project's Youtube video .  

Femme Fierce graffiti street art croydon

Giusi Tomasello

Giusi Tomasello is a London based artist, print and textile designer. She was born in Sicily to an Italian Father and Polish mother. She studied art and completed an MA in Industrial Design in Milan. Her style is very much fashion portraiture. She is influenced by pop culture (Michael Caine and The Kinks), fashion (Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn), fairy tales (Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland), legends (Lady Godiva) and Greek mythology. There are three similar pieces in London, based on the Greek goddesses, Athena (below),  Demeter (Paradise Row, Bethnal Green) and Artemis (on Leake Street.) You can see more of her work on her website. She currently works as a graphic designer for luxury fashion labels that have included Gucci and Haute. Her print designs have been included in Calvin Klein, Donna Karen, Guess, Gap, Victoria Secret, Abercrombie and Asos collections. 
Femme Fierce croydon graffiti


Illuzina, or Zina for short,  is a Norwegian street artist and illustrator based in London. She began spray painting four years ago after finishing her illustration degree in south west England. Her work often features realistic blue-scale portraits of black women and children. She is influenced by different ethnic cultures and music, often spraying to the beat of the music she's listening to. If you like her work pop over to her website. She has painted a mural for Brixton's Save the Arches campaign as well as creating murals for gym walls across the country. 

femme fierce street art croydon 

Bethan Bertrand

Bertrand is an fine artist based in Ascot, England. She studied at The Royal Academy, The Slade and Chelsea College of Art and Design. Her work is on permanent display in these places as well as the University of Sheffield and Focus Martial arts. Her style varies from simple cartoon characters to detailed realistic pictures of horses, which you can see on her website.
Femme Fierce croydon graffiti

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