Monday, 15 June 2015

Poundland Make Up Gallery Time To Shine Nail Polish in Midnight Black

Poundland Makeup Gallery Time to Shine in Midnight Black
I've been looking for a black nail polish for quite a while to go under all my glitter polishes, so when I popped into Poundland and saw this, I grabbed it. If you've been following me on twitter you would have seen me tweet a picture I took of a very professional looking, well stocked make up display in my local store. Compared to Poundland's previous Chit Chat nail polish, this bottle is much sleeker. The polish comes in a cylindrical bottle much like Maybelline Color Show Nail polishes with a black top. The brush is short and wide which covers most of the nail easily in one go which is really good. The consistency of the polish is perfect, not runny at all or streaky which you might expect for a one pound nail polish. This is opaque in one thick coat.
Make Up Gallery time to shine nail polish Midnight black swatch

Make Up Gallery promises 'High Shine Long Lasting Colour with a Quick Dry Formula.'
It definitely gives a super shiny finish, all the photos show the polish without a top coat to show you just how shiny the polish really is. The formula does dry quicker than average but it's not super quick. I used Bourjois So Perfect Base Correcteur underneath and Butter London Top Coat with this polish. It is definitely long lasting- it lasted 4-5 days without chipping and still looked good on day 6.  I'm really hard on my nails, not being used to wearing nail varnish regularly this went through typing, washing up without gloves and even helping to upholster a chair! You get a good amount for a pound, 10ml which is same as Nails Inc and more than Make Up Academy's one pound polishes. While some make up products overpromise and under deliver this is one of the good ones, I'd say this under promises and over delivers because it doesn't mention that it's opaque in one coat.

To sum up, I'm blown away by this polish! I'm completely surprised at the quality- good brush, good consistency, high shine and it's long lasting. I'm definitely going to buy more! I have read that the paler colours need more coats to be opaque, so perhaps the darker colours are better. Next time you're passing I recommend you pop in and check this out.

Midnight black 29

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