Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Make Up Revolution Ultra Brow Arch and Shape Review

Brow pencil and pen in darkest black

Makeup Revolution brown pencil and pen with lids off nib showing
I've been on the hunt for a black brow pencil for ages, they're really hard to find. I think it's because many people in the industry recommend that those with black hair use a brown pencil  (or grey which is even more scarce) but I think on me, black looks more natural since my brows are jet black and using black will mean it will actually blend in with my other brow hairs. I've previously experimented with Benefit Cosmetics Brow zing Kit but even the darkest brown just didn't look right. I've inherited the family's strong dark brows and it is a case of having too much brow rather than not enough and because they're so dark I've never really bothered with drawing them in. I credit regular threading sessions that have sorted them out. However sometimes they do get a bit sparse at the inner corner making them look, as my mum affectionately says, like a the sparse whiskers cats have on top of their forehead, ever noticed those?
To remedy this I decided to pick up Make up Revolution's brow Ultra Brow Arch and Shape. It's priced at £3.50 which is excellent value, especially as it has both a pencil and pen so it's two products rolled into one. The packaging is a simple shiny long pen with two caps and the rose gold Make Up Revolution logo. There isn't a label, but the end with the lettering Arch has the pen and the Shape side contains the brow pencil. (Labelling each end might be a thing for MUR to improve.) The pencil is a twist up liner.  I have the shade Darkest which is black but they also have three other shades in the range. The pen and pencil are definitely both black and dark, don't mistake this for a dark brown. The pencil isn't too waxy so it's easy to draw with it but since it's so dark you do need a light hand. I then blend using a finger or an old eye mascara wand since there's no spoolie attached. The colour is a soft charcoal colour when blended. It lasts me through the day though I haven't tested it in hot sweaty conditions yet, since it's not quite summer.
Now on to the brow pen. I was surprised at how precise this pen is considering the nib size. The pen takes around 20-30 seconds to dry and won't smudge once it's set. I don't use this much as I find pens don't give such a natural look compared to brow pencils. Black brow pens can look particularly harsh, but I admit the pen is great for extending the tail of the brow, it makes the job easy as it's so accurate. You can also use this to replicate the look of thin hairs too. This looks like it would make a good eye liner too but when I asked Make Up Revolution if it was safe to use it this way, they said although people have in the past, they wouldn't recommend using it as a liner near the eye.  All in all I'd definitely recommend this- thumbs up!
Have you used this brow liner? What brow pencils/kit do you use?

MUR brow swatch in Darkest

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